Tour through the village history

Nevertheless, a group of interested people armed with umbrellas turned up to join the tour of the district.

Local representative ralf verholen, supported by several other kleinwenkheimers, took over the leadership. Although the village did not present itself from its best side in the cloudy weather, the strangers were surprised what there is to discover, once you turn off the main street into the old alleys. One marveled at the huge draw wells, regretted the vacancy of many a stately half-timbered house, and admired the picture canes and elaborately designed courtyard gates. These are found in such large numbers in kleinwenkheim because high-quality red sandstone was quarried here and there were a number of stonemasons and sculptors.

Remarkable building history

The building history of the church is also remarkable. Originally this stood in the meadow ground in the direction of the sister village grobwenkheim. There, however, it was regularly exposed to floods from the wannig, which is why it was flooded in the 16. Jh. With the approval of bishop julius echter, the school was moved to its present elevated location.

But it was not only about the history of the village and "how it used to be", but also about the here and now. The redesign of the festival square at the "gock unfortunately, due to the early onset of darkness, it was no longer possible to take a closer look at the game. On the other hand, all the guests were enthusiastic about the organic farm store and the sheep pub of the schlembach farm, and not only because they were able to see the quality of the products for themselves in a tasting session.

The most convincing aspect was the way in which a future-oriented business model is being implemented here, based on tradition, which also contributes to an increase in the quality of life in kleinwenkheim.

The walk was concluded at the fire station. Here, even laymen were impressed by the immediately recognizable functional order. But the kleinwenkheim fire department, which is also responsible for maria bildhausen, is not only well-equipped, but also a very active association that is of central importance to village life.

The 140th anniversary celebrations in may are a high point in munich’s annual calendar. With so much volunteer work, the people of kleinwenkheim can be justifiably proud of their village.

The next tour at "oh!Wieschonistmunnerstadt" will take place on thursday, 28. March, at 18.30 o’clock, namely in the house salzgasse 5 ("schikora-haus") in munnerstadt as a successful example of the private renovation of a listed building..

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