This is how people experienced the track closure between lichtenfels and bamberg

This is how people experienced the track closure between lichtenfels and bamberg

34 weeks, from 11. January to 3. September, the rail connection between lichtenfels and bamberg was cut off. Commuters and schoolchildren in particular got to see what this meant. Around 35700 bus journeys were needed to replace the trains that could not run due to the construction work on the new ICE line. Despite the fact that to this day there is only one lane of traffic on this route, the gross chaos did not materialize.

Since the line was reopened, boarding and disembarking has been made easier for rail travelers at four stations thanks to barrier-free platforms. Ebensfeld is among them. The village, now divided by a barrier, is the most affected in the county by the new line for the fast train to erfurt.

Struggle for IC connection

Meanwhile, the district of lichtenfels is fighting the threat of being left behind with united forces and support from kronach. Because when the ICE starts running on the new line at the end of 2017, the lichtenfels rail junction will lose its importance. If no more ICE stops, then at least closely timed IC connections, is the demand from the region. The railroad's most recent counter-argument, that it does not have enough rolling stock, will not be accepted without a fight.

Improvements are promised by the realignment of local public transport (opnv) in the district of lichtenfels. All villages with at least 100 inhabitants will be included in a fixed timetable. This will make many people more mobile who don't have a car or who once wanted to do without a car. However, final implementation will take until 2023, as existing concessions must first expire. But the course has been set.

Road is complained

On 16. In october, a clear majority of hochstadt's citizens voted in a referendum that the municipality should file a lawsuit against the current plans to widen highway 173. Relief from through traffic has long been longed for in hochstadt, but the route now envisaged in the federal traffic route plan is particularly unpalatable to those whose homes will be closer to the newly expanded B 173 highway. Planners and politicians, however, consider only this course to be feasible and the chances of a lawsuit being successful to be low.

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