Third try: election in the maldives now on 9. November

Third try: election in the maldives now on 9. November

The first round is scheduled for 9. November, a possible runoff election is scheduled for the 16. November scheduled. This was announced by the head of the electoral commission, fuwad thowfeek, late on monday evening via the short message service twitter.

The election on 7. September’s election was invalidated by the country’s constitutional court in a controversial decision, although all observers considered it fair and free. A new election scheduled for last weekend was prevented by security forces shortly before the polling stations were opened. The police explained that two of the three candidates had not signed the electoral list, so the election would not have been legal.

Mohamed nasheed, who received the most votes in the election in september, declared via twitter that the cancellation of the election had violated the constitution. A new head of state must be found by the end of the term of office. So far, it is unclear what will happen when mohamed waheed steps down on 11. November is stepping down and a new president has not yet been found. Waheed had declared that he would not remain in office for long.

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