The weightlifter is the roughest

The weightlifter is the roughest

Torsten zehner can say exactly what he likes best about weightlifting: "i can measure my performance precisely there," says anton butz, says the 36-year-old. He has been an active lifter for 15 years at the kitzingen strength sports club (KSV) and was awarded the bronze badge of honor for this on friday. But that's not all, because tenner has won twice this year. He was also named sportsman of the year.

If you look at the achievements of the 36-year-old, you will see that he was right to receive this award: he won gold at the bavarian championships, came 4th in the world, and was the first to win the world championship. At the german championships, 4. At the european championships and 5. At the world championships.

700 weightlifters present
"To participate in the world championship was the absolute highlight for me", tells ten. The competitions took place in a football stadium in the ukraine, where the football players already played for this year's european championship. "A total of 700 weightlifters from about 70 nations were there. My knees were shaking", reveals the 36-year-old. There were seven competitors in his age and weight class, and tenth came in fifth.

What the athlete of the year will also never forget is the team spirit during the team competitions. "When things were relatively tight, we built each other up", says ten. He remembers a competition in regensburg, which KSV surprisingly won. "The regensburg team miscalculated the intermediate score and we thought we had no chance of winning", he explains. But the kitzingen team had someone with them who did the calculations and noticed the miscalculation. So tenner and his teammates picked themselves up again and then actually won.

You have to stand your ground
KSV offers boxing in addition to weightlifting. "A boxing match is a fair comparison. You are alone and you have to stand up for yourself", tells anton butz. The 56-year-old came to KSV at 16 through a friend and started boxing. Weightlifting was never an option for him. After four years and 16 boxing matches, butz had to take a break for professional reasons, but he continued to train. "We trained a lot with the american soldiers, which was especially fun for me. We were even in the barracks from time to time," he says, says the 56-year-old.

On friday he received the golden pin for 40 years of membership. Today, butz is no longer an active boxer, but he is happy to help out as a training assistant, announcer, timekeeper, minute-taker and cash auditor. "I still come here from time to time for fitness. We are a good group and also go to the sauna together", says butz.

To the regret of the 1.Chairman friedrich dollinger the number of newcomers in boxing is very low compared to weightlifting. "Four men and two women boxing actively in the ring. I hope that the number will increase soon", says dollinger. The 72-year-old used to box himself. He entered the ring for the first time at the age of 16 and for the last time at the age of 37. For 24 years dollinger has been 1. Chairman at KSV. "This will be my last year. I will resign next year", he says.

Besides torsten zehner and anton butz, alexander koptew (15 years member) and siegfried schmitt (25 years) were honored. Also jacqueline schroll got the trophy for the climber of the year. The 15-year-old is the bavarian champion, 3. At the german championships and was included in the national squad.

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