The tickets are again available at the train station

"A station must not be closed, says mario de uber. "A station should also be a meeting place," says mario de uber. The man from stegaurach runs the agency on behalf of the railroad together with his life companion birgit volk and two other employees.

At yesterday’s official opening, not only representatives of deutsche bahn were present, but also representatives of the town of bad staffelstein.

Mayor jurgen kohmann (CSU) described the opening ceremony as a pleasant date and occasion, as the city had been trying for years to fill the building with life again. "A opened train station has been sorely missed by locals and vacationers alike", the mayor emphasized.

In addition, it is pleasing that in the future the waiting hall can be used again as a storage facility. With the reopening, the station could once again become a central point in bahnhofstrabe, kohmann emphasized.

But before the station could be reopened, a lot of work had to be done. Painters, glaziers, sanitary specialists, the employees of the town’s building yard and mario deuber have invested around 150 hours to remove the traces of the ten-year "thorny ash sleep to eliminate. " The town of bad staffelstein in particular has been a great help to us financially and energetically", wurdigt deuber.

In his opinion, there should be a station with a staffed sales point in every large town. Although many things can be done at a vending machine or via the internet, there is sometimes a need for advice. As an employee of the railroad, deuber brings over 20 years of experience to the job.

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