THE PODIUM | We must not take high quality health care for granted

There is a lot of conversation locally and nationally about the high cost of medical care. Patients complain about the cost of insurance, and insurance companies are concerned about their profit margins due to the high cost of care. Without proper reimbursement, hospitals find it difficult to provide the high level of care expected of them. Providers find it difficult to keep their practices open and to attract new talent to replace aging physicians. In many ways, a healthy conversation about our broken health economic system is long overdue. In fact, many in the medical community have been asking for a solution.

I welcome the efforts by Colorado legislators to address these difficult problems but worry that lack of experience and the rush to get something done quickly will have long-lasting and potentially damaging effects. In Colorado, as lawmakers contemplate a public option, rate setting and other measures, we simply cannot afford to take high quality health care for granted.

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