The graduating class of the Glockenberg school gained in maturity and character

The graduating class of the glockenberg school gained in maturity and character

"So today is the day when we ceremoniously dismiss you from the glockenberg school", class leader ann-kathrin luckner stated in the courtyard of the neustadt glockenberg school. 14 students were in the graduating class. Five of them successfully completed their schooling with a forderschulabschluss, six even managed to graduate from secondary school. Ann-kathrin luckner expressed her heartfelt thanks to the students entrusted to her for all the shared experiences at schoolhouse sleepovers, school band performances, joint excursions, and class trips. "For all the language, every laugh and the tears we shared and for the many things I also learned from you."

Three years ago, ann-kathrin luckner took over the class, and the start was not so easy. But they all had a clear goal. She was able to rely on her schoolmates. Often she was very proud. "I am so happy that we can and were allowed to celebrate with you today, as you more than deserve it."

The chances are there

With the certificate, says principal manfred bergmann, the students received a key to doors for new rough opportunities to succeed in their lives. But, the principal stressed, success depended largely on the young people themselves, on their will, their effort and, not least, the skills they had acquired on the way to graduating from high school. "Be proud of what you have achieved, enter your new phase of life with curiosity and never stop learning", said bergmann.

Schoolchildren thanked the teachers. In particular, they paid tribute to their class teacher, who accompanied them during the last three years of school. "They set clear boundaries and demanded mutual respect", selina weib said for the class. "Fureinander, miteinander, so hieb ihr motto. Over time, a new everyday life has emerged in our class. We learned to stick together, and our class took on a new character. It was important to them first and foremost that we are a team. We learned to be considerate of each other and supported each other." The difficult times of the last few months have also been overcome together.

"Life is a construction site. And it is into this life that you are being released today", declared pastor michael meyer to horste. In the bible, there is a surprising amount of building, jesus himself was a carpenter. "We are building the kingdom of god. We are building future plans, community and society. In the last few weeks, the school community has spurred what carries. Those who walk with you want this rough construction site to succeed in life." This can succeed with a foundation of values of faith, pastor meyer told horste.

Finally, everyone received their graduation certificates. Manuel kath was honored for the best forderschulabschluss (2.0), Gillian Kiebling for the best mittelschulabschluss (2.2).

From the 9. Emre kukul, selina weib and alina-sarina drews were active in the school band and, under the direction of teacher michael balling, provided the musical framework for the graduation ceremony. 

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