The digestion tower is working again

The digestion tower is working again

The members of the upper schwabach wastewater association (AZV) have subsequently approved the repair of the digestion tower. The damage to the inlet of the tower was already detected in april and subsequently repaired for 35 000 euros.
The repair was ordered by igensdorf mayor wolfgang rast (IU) in his function as AZV chairman in an emergency decision. Rast justified his approach at the time with the fear that the entire plant could fail due to the defective feed system.
The costs of the project are to be financed from the pot for the construction of an emergency power supply for the time being. For this purpose 90 000 euros have been included in the budget.
Afterwards, the watermen took the mayors of grafenberg, weibenohe and eckental on a tour of the plant. They showed the local politicians the technical improvements that need to be made to the clarification plant, which was commissioned in 1983 and modernized in 2000.

Repairing the gas engine

Just the heavy rains with the floods this spring had once again stressed the plant to its limits. It had become clear that due to further sealing of flat areas and thus increasingly restricted infiltration, the clearing plant could no longer cope with the incoming water masses.
Also after the fact, the association members nodded off a 23,000 euro repair to the gas engine. He has the task of keeping the plant running in the event of a collapsed power supply.
But that was not all of the expenses that were waved through. After an offer for a reconditioned gas engine in the amount of 8,000 euros arrived, rast decided to purchase this "little snapper": "give me the book approve. The engine will now be used as a replacement part for the old gas engine.
The financing of all these measures is probably not too difficult for the wastewater association in the current situation. According to peter heel, the market chamber, the association was able to reduce the debt service levy by 110,000 euros in the current budget year.

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