The church community of wildenheid-meilschnitz celebrated a lively festival

the church community of wildenheid-meilschnitz celebrated a lively festival

Assuming the church community of wildenheid-meilschnitz received one million euros, which had to be invested in children’s and youth work. What would the prospective members of the church board want to spend it on: a bobby car race track in the peace church or ipads for the confirmation students?? These and other tricky – though not entirely serious – questions had to be faced by the future church board members at the community festival of the wildenheid-meilschnitz church congregation in a mock church board meeting.

But it was not only the prospective members of the church board who were introduced to the congregation at the community festival. Lisa meyer zu horste, wildenheid’s new pastor, will continue to live in neustadt with her husband – the parsonage in wildenheid was therefore empty until thursday. Now two pastors, rolf lakemann and his wife, have moved into the parsonage, and visitors to the community festival had the opportunity to meet them both. "I am the school commissioner for sudthuringen and therefore not bound to any parish house," she added, said rolf lakemann. That’s why he was allowed to choose his own apartment and had been looking for a place to live with his family. "We never thought we would end up in bavaria – or especially in franconia", he explained. Rolf lakemann and his wife have a special connection to franconia: "we both met in franconia."

Already settled in

His search led him to rossfeld after some time and that’s why lisa meyer zu horste became aware of the lakemanns. The family has already settled in very well at the parsonage. "The table tennis cellar is a big hit with our kids, and next to it in the cellar is a rough room for my son’s train set", swarmed rolf lakemann. He and his wife are particularly enthusiastic about the wildenheider tap water, said lakemann: "we come from the eisenach area, where the tap water was so terrible that you couldn’t drink it. In contrast, this is a true revelation."

"The fact that the family was able to move in here borders on a "godsend", erzahlte lisa meyer zu horste. Since the parsonage could only be rented for a limited period, it was not possible to sublet the parsonage to someone else. "That’s why I’m very happy that the house won’t have to stand empty for six years," he said, she said. More of a headache for her is the planned renovation of the peace church. "That’s quite a chunk I have to shoulder", commiserated. But the structural measures are important, he said, which is why they are currently tinkering with how they can be implemented financially. "The raised floor under the roof contains toxic substances, which is why it needs to be replaced", the pastor explained. In addition, the wooden structure of the church is not compatible with the current fire safety regulations. "Another important concern is the handicapped-accessible entrance and the installation of a handicapped-accessible restroom in the parish hall.", she added. Another problem area that the church congregation has to tackle is outside the church: "the roof of the wildenheide kindergarten will be the next major structural m."

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