Ten-zentner war bomb defused in koln

ten-zentner war bomb defused in koln

A ten-cent bomb from the second world war has been defused on the banks of the rhine in coln. The two demolition experts from dusseldorf had already made the blindganger harmless after a good quarter of an hour on saturday, the city of koln reported.

The 1.60 meter long explosive device was discovered by a walker on good friday evening. He had seen the bomb and then called the police, who informed the city of koln, the public order office reported. Four employees of the office kept watch all night at the dangerous explosive device in koln-merkenich.

For the defusing of the american bomb, the surrounding area was closed off within a radius of 750 meters on carol saturday. 151 residents had to leave their homes. Streets were cordoned off.

In addition, shipping traffic on the rhine was stopped and airspace was closed. A large chemical production site on the other side of the river in leverkusen was also involved in the mababnahmen.

The ten-cent bomb did not cause any problems for the two explosion experts from the explosive ordnance disposal service and was easy to defuse. The work was done in just over a quarter of an hour: "it was very fast for two tinder," said jennifer hedderich from the kolner public order office.

The office had 37 employees on the job, and the police also helped. "Ambulance transports were not necessary," the city explained. In colonia, a comparatively large number of blindgangers from the second world war have to be defused.

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