Spd holds on to sunkel and hanft

Spd holds on to sunkel and hanft

What works like a well-oiled clockwork, the cooperators in schneckenlohe definitely didn't want to tamper with it. The SPD local association therefore confirmed the board at its annual general meeting for another two years and honored long-serving members. In the future, close cooperation with the local associations in kronach, mitwitz, kups and weibenbrunn is planned. "I could well imagine the name 'southern district' for this project group", according to the suggestion of ralf volkl, the deputy district chairman.

"Cross-fertilization, in any case, that was one of the advantages that could be gained from working together. "In the 90s there was this before", recalled chairman joachim sunkel. During oswald marr's time as mayor of kups, he said, they had joined forces with other local associations. "When he became county councilor, everything unfortunately fell asleep again." That should definitely be different with this new attempt, volkl affirmed.

"Gruner as the "grunen the SPD in schneckenlohe is particularly active in the area of environmental protection. Environmental officer georg volker: "many children are involved, especially in our rubbish collection campaigns. This is how environmental awareness is trained. We have also planted two flower strips for the insects. So we are on a very good way." Joachim sunkel said: "environmental protection is something everyone should and can do in their own garden."

Volkl also confirmed that all municipalities in the district were actively protecting the environment. "However, i miss the realism in the rough politics on this topic." Especially with regard to e-mobility there was no clear line in federal policy. Sunkel: "it is also not a panacea and if we were to reach 100 percent, we would destroy entire countries with it." Here people also saw "light and shadow" and conceded that perhaps other technologies were more suitable. Hydrogen, for example, is an alternative, but unfortunately it has no lobby and is therefore not promoted.

The topic of population decline was also touched on at the general meeting. Here, suitable perspectives must be offered, said volkl. A step in the right direction is the planned finance college in kronach. Jobs and good transport links are the key to counteracting shrinkage. Here he also briefly discussed the mobility concept in the district, which is enormously important, especially for schoolchildren and the elderly. "But we have to advertise properly, especially in the introductory phase. It has to be used, otherwise there's no point to anything."

Mayor knut morgenroth informed about current topics, which occupy the municipality at present. One of these was the conversion of the street lighting to LED. "And we joined the B 303 alliance." This is an inter-municipal cooperation between the communities of ebersdorf bei coburg, grobheirath, grub am forst, marktgraitz, mitwitz, niederfullbach, schneckenlohe, sonnefeld, weidhausen and untersiemau. The grounding event will take place on 3. To take place on july.

Two honors were on the agenda. Manuela volker (since 1996 also a member of the municipal council) was honored for 30 years of membership and wulf bauer for 40 years (1994 to 1996 also a member of the municipal council).

There were no changes in the executive committee of the local SPD schneckenlohe. So joachim sunkel remains in office for another two years. His deputy is freddy hanft. Secretary: karin sunkel, deputy heiko eichhorn. Treasurer is knut morgenroth and deputy here is joachim sunkel. Heiko eichhorn is the delegate for the district and sub-district. His replacements are joachim and karin sunkel and birgit fiedler and nicole altrichter. 

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