Sidewalks not yet finished

The preparation of the walkways along the city wall has caused quite a stir, especially on the social networks. Especially wheelchair and walker users can’t cope with the soft ground. Moreover, the overgrowth was not removed. Frank braun from the planning company braun gives the all-clear.

Mayor helmut blank (CSU) asked the contractor what had gone wrong with the road construction. "The pavements will be renewed on the whole width", says frank braun. Only in the vicinity of the trees will some of the existing structures be removed.

Now the areas in the middle of the paths have been gritted over a width of about 1.5 meters," says the engineer. "Afterwards, the solidified border areas will be expanded with a mini-excavator and ballasted as planned", according to the engineer. The material from the center is also being used for the ballast.

The entire surface will then be spread and compacted with fine-grained material over its entire width. Frank braun emphasized to our newspaper that it must first rain a few times on the flat before it becomes really firm. When it doesn’t rain, it naturally takes correspondingly longer. After all, it is a matter of a so-called water-bound surface course.

Compaction at the very end. A bituminous surface was deliberately omitted in the area of the city wall.

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