SCL Health Working On Mass Vaccination Event Geared Toward Underserved Groups

By Andrea Flores | CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – A second mass vaccination site is coming to the Denver area. SCL Health was asked by state and local leaders to organize an event that would focus specifically on communities of color and underserved populations.

They’re relying on partnerships with dozens of community organizations and nonprofits to get the word out, and help people in the community sign up, get to the event, and receive the vaccine.

Park Hill United Methodist Church is putting faith into action as a community partner for SCL Health’s mass vaccination event next month. The event is an effort to vaccinate people 70 years of age and older, plus people living in underserved areas.

“We have a group leader, and she’s been helping receive phone calls and emails of people that are interested in getting vaccinated,” said Pastor Nathan Adams. “She contacts SCL Health and gets the appointment time, and then contacts person back and lets them know when their appointment is.”

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