Politics appeals: anti-corona decrees to be complied with

Politics appeals: anti-corona decrees to be complied with

Labor Minister Hubertus heil (SPD) has spoken out against an early all-clear in the corona crisis. "People in our country have succeeded in flattening the curve through responsible behavior," heil told the "welt" (saturday).

The trend must be strengthened and the further course determined in close coordination with the experts. "But it's still too early to give the all-clear". The measures showed effect. "This gives hope and shows that we have it in our hands to put a stop to the virus through our behavior."

NRW minister president armin laschet appealed to people to continue to observe the contact ban. "Don't let up now. Let us continue to persevere together. This is the only way we can save and protect lives," the CDU politician said in a video posted to twitter on friday afternoon. He understands the desire to go out into nature on the upcoming spring weekend. With the "dream weather" expected, this would be a "huge temptation". "But that's what many people want. Too many. So many that keeping your distance doesn't work even on forest trails, in parks, on lakes, on rivers," laschet said.

Lower saxony's interior minister boris pistorius has also expressed understanding for people who want to get out on the weekend in view of all the corona restrictions and in sunny weather. Nevertheless, contagions had to be prevented together and in solidarity, said the SPD politician. "Everyone understands that people want to get out, especially in this weather and the week before easter."This is not forbidden, provided that the restrictions are observed. But: "I'm counting on the fact that, as in the past, the vast majority of people will be understanding and reasonable, and will abide by the rules."

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