Plenty of “safe swimmers” at the kronach elementary school

Plenty of

One-third of elementary school students leave school without knowing how to swim safely. However, this does not apply to the lucas cranach school, where there are hardly any unsafe swimmers in the fourth grade. This is largely thanks to the "safe swimmers" project, in which the school participates.
In this prevention campaign by the DLRG youth of bavaria with the AOK bavaria and the bavarian ministry of health, over three quarters of the third and fourth graders achieved the bronze youth swimming badge at the end of the pilot phase and thus became safe swimmers. This impressive figure had already been topped in kronach in the past. This year, a record number of seahorses, bronze and silver badges as well as – with exceptional talent kilian wegner – even a junior rescuer badge could be handed over to the participating 120 children at the closing event in the school gymnasium. The junior rescuer is the "first rough draft" at the DLRG, which can be acquired from the age of ten. Kilian is the reigning upper franconian champion in rescue swimming in his age group.

Strong as a team, too

Together with his swimming colleagues pauline wittmann, klara dunst, eva hauck, lina kufner, max hausmann, aaron muller and lovis ehrsam, he is also a member of the winning team of the lucas cranach school, which won the district swimming competition of the elementary schools.
Impressed by all the super achievements, kronach's mayor wolfgang beiergroblein also showed his appreciation in his function as deputy county councilor. Together with teachers, representatives of the AOK coburg and the married couple marliese and richard bar, he presented the badges. "Knowing how to swim is extremely important. It can save your own life, but also that of your friends", he appealed.
Monika fabiani from the DLRG youth bavaria was pleased to be able to take part in such a closing event for the first time in her new function as head of the youth secretariat. The project can only work if all those involved work well together. "Without local volunteers, 'safe swimmers' would not exist", explained the youth secretary. Bar passed on the praise to the children, who were very eager to participate.
The "safe swimmer" campaign could be extended to over 40 schools in bavaria this school year.

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