Neuses hippies campaign for the salvation of beer

Right at the start of the carnival procession in neuses on monday it started to rain. But only for a few minutes. The colorful rainbow after the small shower perfectly matched the motto of the stammtisch "schdamberla", which had the motto "70s" on its motif wagon had. The neuses hippies campaigned for the salvation of beer. It almost seemed as if they had come to an agreement with the village community of kauernhofen. One of their two coarse wagons also had the french national drink as its theme in a broader sense: "don’t just save our bees, we need wirtshauser – not ruins", emblazoned in rough letters on a sign on the tractor. All in all there were six rough floats at the carnival parade of the small village. The marching band of the voluntary fire department accompanied the procession and created a good atmosphere for the many spectators at the side of the road. The prince and princess prince andrew I. And princess mary I. Riding in a horse-drawn carriage with his family. The gaudiwurm paraded through the town once, and after the parade the big carnival party started at the sports center.

Romney challenges obama with radical savings as vice president

Romney introduced business liberal congressman paul ryan as his "running mate" on saturday. The 42-year-old wants to reduce the high national debt through drastic budget cuts. Ryan plans deep cuts to social safety net to do so.

Romney’s choice of ryan turned the race for the woman’s house into a directional battle over the future role of government in the lives of americans, as well as over fiscal discipline, taxes and the welfare state.

The CSU faction wants to "objectify" the discussion. This is what it says in the motion on which the agenda item is based. That’s why the city council is to obtain some information from the state building office. It is about how traffic safety could be increased without a four-lane expansion and what that would cost. Problem: the four-lane expansion was paid for by the federal government. If this extension does not come, but the city would like to have, for example, a wide bicycle path between frankenbrucke and wassergasse, then it must finance it itself.

Petra schneider, chairwoman of the SPD city council faction, thinks nothing of this proposal. She has announced that she will introduce an amendment at the meeting: "the city council should decide: a four-lane expansion of the B4 in weichengereuth is rejected."

The climate is an urgent concern for the coburg schoolchildren – and that’s why there will also be a rally during the vacations, according to a press release from the coburg fridays for future orga team this time not on a friday, but on saturday, 27. April. There are several reasons for this: although the protests at school time naturally had a function and guaranteed that they could not be ignored, they had decided to demonstrate to the critics next saturday that it is about more than striking school: to counter the climate crisis is a matter of the heart for them, for which they are also active in their vacations, it says in the message and further: "furthermore, the date on saturday should also offer all those who are prevented on friday, the opportunity to participate in the demonstrations."

Schools start the protest for climate protection at 3 p.M. At the main train station and then, supported by the drum roll of a samba band, move to the market square, where, as always, an open microphone awaits speeches. Recently, fridays-for-future also published concrete climate protection goals that the organizers plan to announce in coburg.

fired man shoots ex-colleague in front of empire state building

Nine people were also injured in the slash-and-burn attack in the heart of the city. The perpetrator and his 41-year-old ex-colleague had long been involved in a dispute about harassment at the workplace, reported CNN, citing police sources. The men allegedly filed a lawsuit against each other in the run-up to the robbery.

According to new york’s mayor michael bloomberg, tater jeffrey johnson dies. Police initially listed his age as 53, but later revised it to 58. According to the police, the man was fired from the import company a year ago after a dispute. As CNN reported, he was reportedly dressed in a suit and walking to his old workplace with a briefcase under his arm at about 9 a.M. (local time) friday morning. There was more ammunition for the gun in the bag.

Minetti quartet shines in the rossini hall

One can regret the move of the series from the weiben hall to the rossini hall for acoustic and atmospheric reasons, because the former is ideal for string chamber music. But it naturally excuses the observation that it would have been simply too small for the concert with the minetti quartet from austria.

They were the first to step into the ring this time: maria ehmer (1. Violin), anna knopp (2. Violin), milan milojicic (viola) and leonhard ro czek (violoncello) joined forces in 2003 and were already very quickly and very successfully on the road internationally. Today they have arrived, are established, in demand, although they were unusually reticent, for example, in the production of sound carriers.

"A station must not be closed, says mario de uber. "A station should also be a meeting place," says mario de uber. The man from stegaurach runs the agency on behalf of the railroad together with his life companion birgit volk and two other employees.

At yesterday’s official opening, not only representatives of deutsche bahn were present, but also representatives of the town of bad staffelstein.

Dieter eckstein makes the bomber salon-worthy

New season, new format. In the last points round, it was the matchday interview with which we got our fan community in the mood for the fubball weekend. Now there is a small modification. We always take a look back and select our player of the week, who we then ask to talk to us. For the premiere we have decided on lukas lieb from FC fuchsstadt in the national league. The 24-year-old had scored the goal of the day as a substitute striker in the 1-0 win over TG hochberg – only to see the red card in stoppage time. Of course, we asked the 24-year-old, who has also played for FC hammelburg and FC schweinfurt 05, about this.

Ruckblende: dominik halbig must already make the goal against the TG hochberg. Then the ball comes to you. Goal and victory. Had time to think?

Nevertheless, a group of interested people armed with umbrellas turned up to join the tour of the district.

Local representative ralf verholen, supported by several other kleinwenkheimers, took over the leadership. Although the village did not present itself from its best side in the cloudy weather, the strangers were surprised what there is to discover, once you turn off the main street into the old alleys. One marveled at the huge draw wells, regretted the vacancy of many a stately half-timbered house, and admired the picture canes and elaborately designed courtyard gates. These are found in such large numbers in kleinwenkheim because high-quality red sandstone was quarried here and there were a number of stonemasons and sculptors.

offspring in lichtenfels: strong voices, proud parents

What could better express the hope and joy of a new year than a little girl who sees the light of day on the very first day of the year?.

But with the new year's babies, it's one thing to be sure. "Good things come to those who wait, thought the little princess, who was born on tuesday at 16 o'clock in the morning.05 o'clock as new year's baby came into the world in the lichtenfels hospital.
The little boy from erdenburg put his parents through the wringer. Although it was already clear in the morning hours that a new human being would be born, the birth dragged on and on in the afternoon.