Outdoor pools head for record attendance

outdoor pools head for record attendance

The unusually hot summer has driven people to the pools in droves – many outdoor pools in germany are heading for a record number of visitors. That’s according to a nationwide poll conducted by the german press agency.

For example, the municipal free bathers in koln are only a small piece away from a new record high. Just under 740.000 swimmers have come so far, with 80.000 more exceeded the previous best year of 2013. "We have hopes of a new record year," said a spokesman for kolnbader. The two municipal free bathers in duisburg have already broken the best mark in 2018, with more than 90.000 visitors were there looking to cool off.

In berlin, there have already been admission stops this year in order not to endanger the safety of the bathers. Because also in the capital the rush is enormous. A record for the outdoor pools is within reach: by the end of july, 1.31 million guests had already been paid in 17 swimming pools, the berlin pool operators announced this week. The previous record was 2.07 million bathers in 2003. "We are having an exceptional summer," said andreas scholz-fleischmann, general manager of the swimming pool company.

The heat in the rhine-main region drives up to 20.000 people in the frankfurt outdoor pools. This weekend, even more visitors were expected at the seven swimming pools because of the vacations coming to an end, as frank muller, manager of the frankfurt swimming pool operations, said. "The bathers are already full." As of the beginning of august, around 700.000 tickets were sold, 46 percent more than in the same period of the previous year. The employees of the outdoor swimming pools worked overtime and in three shifts to cope with the rush.

Hamburg’s outdoor pools are also very well attended: since may, some 190.000 visitors to the baderland’s outdoor pools – 110.000 of them in july alone. "Compared to the past five years, these numbers are very pleasing," said a spokesman for baderland gmbh. The day with the most visitors was the 26th. July, a thursday.

May, june and july were the busiest months for the annabad in hanover in the past five years. "Because of the heat, we almost don’t have to heat our pool at all," said operations manager horst schroder. "We don’t have to mow the lawn either."More fresh water has to be added to maintain water quality.

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