Offspring in Lichtenfels: strong voices, proud parents

offspring in lichtenfels: strong voices, proud parents

What could better express the hope and joy of a new year than a little girl who sees the light of day on the very first day of the year?.

But with the new year's babies, it's one thing to be sure. "Good things come to those who wait, thought the little princess, who was born on tuesday at 16 o'clock in the morning.05 o'clock as new year's baby came into the world in the lichtenfels hospital.
The little boy from erdenburg put his parents through the wringer. Although it was already clear in the morning hours that a new human being would be born, the birth dragged on and on in the afternoon.

Finally, shortly after 4 p.M., the time had come and the young mother natalia hensch held her subes newborn in her arms for the first time. Father valeri hensch was happy with her, but as far as the little girl's name is concerned, the two parents want to give themselves one more day to think it over.

At home, the family is in kups. The mother's place of birth and the good reputation of the lichtenfels hospital contributed to the fact that the delivery took place in the lichtenfels county seat. Mother and child were well looked after by midwife judith thierauf and doctor britta von deimling. The birth of a healthy baby girl also brought joy to the head midwife martina behr and the senior physician sebastian ratajczak.

Maternity ward enjoys top reputation
The birth figures for the past year are also gratifying. It seems that the downward trend that has been apparent in recent years has been interrupted, at least for the time being. While ten years ago 747 children were born in the hospital in lichtenfels, this number decreased successively in the following years to 666 babies in 2007.

There was a slight recovery in 2008, with 690 births, but it was only a "flash in the pan". Although the maternity ward at the lichtenfels hospital enjoys the best reputation among expectant mothers, the general trend caused the number of births to drop to 564 by 2011. In this respect, it was with great pleasure that 596 children were born in the lichtenfels refectory in the past year.

The gender ratio of 297 girls to 299 boys was astonishingly balanced, because statistically there are between 105 and 106 boy births for every 100 girl births.

But babies don't stick to any statistics and so the rush to the maternity ward was also very different. While things were very quiet on some days, the 18. January with six births and the 4. October quite hectic with seven deliveries. On four other days, five children were born each day. On new year's day, however, the little girl was the only one who filled the maternity ward with her powerful voice.

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