Next fridays for future demonstration to take place during the vacations

The climate is an urgent concern for the coburg schoolchildren – and that’s why there will also be a rally during the vacations, according to a press release from the coburg fridays for future orga team this time not on a friday, but on saturday, 27. April. There are several reasons for this: although the protests at school time naturally had a function and guaranteed that they could not be ignored, they had decided to demonstrate to the critics next saturday that it is about more than striking school: to counter the climate crisis is a matter of the heart for them, for which they are also active in their vacations, it says in the message and further: "furthermore, the date on saturday should also offer all those who are prevented on friday, the opportunity to participate in the demonstrations."

Schools start the protest for climate protection at 3 p.M. At the main train station and then, supported by the drum roll of a samba band, move to the market square, where, as always, an open microphone awaits speeches. Recently, fridays-for-future also published concrete climate protection goals that the organizers plan to announce in coburg.

Expressively, mitburgers of all ages are invited to participate in the demonstration to set a sign for a livable future, the release says.

Arrive by opnv

It is further noted that interested parties from neighboring counties are also invited to attend. It is suggested here to arrive directly with the opnv to the train station.

They had used the long break between the demonstrations to plan how they could also bring climate protection forward in the coburg region in the long term. For this purpose, various actions, such as collecting mull, were in preparation, which should take place as a supplement to the previous demonstrations, write the students of the coburg fridays for future-orga-team in their press release.

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