“Like an answered prayer”: Colorado educators celebrate receiving coronavirus vaccine after disruptive school year

Jessie Massey once fainted when faced with the idea of getting jabbed with a needle, but on Friday, as the school principal prepared to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, her excitement just about outweighed her nerves.

“I think I’m just so grateful to be here and to be part of this with Mapleton that I just had to put that aside and try not to focus on it,” said Massey, principal of Trailside Academy in Adams County just outside Denver.

Massey, 33, is one of the first of about 30,000 educators being vaccinated over the next six weeks as part of a broad effort to reopen schools and keep them open safely, with behind-the-scenes help from COVIDCheck Colorado, which introduced a COVID-19 testing network to the state in July.

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