Life after coronavirus: Prepare for a long, tiring recovery, some Colorado survivors say

By Meg Wingerter | The Denver Post

The virus has shown it can cause anything from mild cold-like symptoms to death, and the recovery phase is proving equally hard to pin down. There’s no data yet on how many patients bounce back quickly and how many experience lingering symptoms, but most will eventually recover, said Dr. Connie Price, chief medical officer at Denver Health and a professor of infectious diseases at University of Colorado School of Medicine.

People who had COVID-19 can face three general types of problems. First, it takes time for the immune system to start “cleaning up the mess” of dead cells and debris the virus left in the lungs, Price said. Patients who were on ventilators or spent a long time in the hospital may have to deal with side effects. And some patients — likely a small percentage — will deal with long-term symptoms for reasons that aren’t clear, she said.

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