Kunftig four instead of one mesnerin in affalterthal

Kunftig four instead of one mesnerin in affalterthal

During the service in the parish church of affalterthal, the long-serving sacristan erna backof (80) was ceremoniously dismissed from her service. She is immediately followed by four women who want to perform this office in weekly rotation: liselotte gemahlich, gertrud vogel, inge bernhardt and carola vogel.

Erna backof was sacristan from 1996 to 2018. With reaching the 80. On the occasion of her tenth birthday, she decided to hand over the responsible office to younger hands, although she had carried it out very conscientiously and sacrificially, which was also attested to her by the pastor maul.

The search for a successor proved difficult because no one wants to commit themselves for years to come. So the church board came up with the idea of sharing the ministry, and promptly four women came forward to take over the ministry in turn.

For a few weeks there was a probationary period. Now on the second advent the women were appointed as sacristan by pastor maul and the previous one was ceremoniously dismissed from service with a commemorative gift. 

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