Is there a third candidate for tettau?

Is there a third candidate for tettau?

Lydia muller and peter ebertsch are already known as mayoral candidates for tettau. But did the tettau team, which is playing on 3. November early elections, after hans kaufmann (SPD) resigned from office for health reasons, even the choice between three candidates?

In an anonymous letter to our editors, it says: "in addition to the well-known candidates lydia muller and peter ebertsch, a yet-to-be-founded (or already founded) electoral association is to represent the AKV(aktionsgemeinschaft kleintettauer vereine, anm. D. Editors)-propose chairman werner vetter from kehlbach. This electoral community is said to be quite strong. It is believed that vetter had a good chance."

And he himself laughs when asked about it. "I’m flattered that people think I have a good chance.", says vetter when asked. Yes, some have approached him and asked him "why don’t you run for office??". Naturally, this was a matter of concern, according to vetter.

"Eleven years ago this would not have been an issue", he says, that’s when he thought he could run for office. "But now the train is actually through, the retired police officer refers to his age of 61 years.
But it already seems as if he is torn between the two. After all, he himself says that he used to be passionately politically active. He has been a member of the tettau town council for two periods, and was even the chairman of the parliamentary group.

In the meantime, the native of kleintettau lives in kehlbach (municipality of steinbach am wald). Could he even run for mayor in tettau if he wanted to??

"It’s clear: when it comes to a professional mayor, he can’t be a candidate he lives outside the municipal area", explains bernd graf, spokesman for the district office. But it’s a different story for an honorary mayor. "Here, the legal regulation is that the candidate must have the main focus of the living relations in the respective municipality area for which he is applying as mayor", woman graph. As a rule, the question of the main residence is taken as the decisive criterion. But: "it will be a little different in the future. In this case, it is sufficient for the candidate to have a secondary residence in the relevant municipal area."

But whether he would run as a full-time or honorary candidate – vetter is still a long way from that question. He hasn’t even decided whether he’s going to run for office, let alone for which party or organization. After all, he is an SPD member in kleintettau. But the SPD has already nominated its candidate in lydia muller. If, then a candidacy would go from vetters view only, similarly as with peter ebertsch, over a free wahlergemeinschaft.

What vetter is doing now? He wants to think about all this over the weekend. Because if they did, everything had to be done very quickly because of the deadlines that had to be met.

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