Hupfer hall is to become the cultural center of kodnitz

The former hupfer inn and the surrounding area could, if the people of kodnitz liked it, become the new village center. Mayor stephan heckel-michel presented first ideas and visualizations at the castle meeting. "I show now here times the XXL solution. There is no precise project planning yet", heckel-michel sent ahead.

In fact, the first planning ideas are as follows: the outdated tenement and the former inn, which is no longer in use, are to be demolished. Parking lots and a green area are to be built on this site. However, the hall should become the center of the investment. Since the hall is not equipped with sanitary facilities and function rooms, could possibly be added in the form of functional flat buildings to the existing hall function rooms, a small kitchen, storage, sanitary rooms.

In addition, the first ideas envisage that a village storage barn could be built at the current garages. "I know that this first idea will not be a small story. The cost of such a version – I call it XXL version – is from 1.7 to 1.8 million euros. But we get 90 percent of the demand. The municipality has a share of about 250,000 euros", outlined the mayor of kodnitz.

"I would like to take away ideas and moods from the burgers' meeting here. Because one thing must be clear: we can not eliminate an old vacancy with a new vacancy. And we must be aware that the maintenance of such a land also costs money", said heckel-michel.

In fact, the people of kodnica were very interested in the plans. "We love this hall. What we see here, we like very much. The hall has a special flair and we were very interested in using it again in the future", said cosima asen on behalf of the acting group "die buschklopfer. In the past, too, there were regular demonstrations of the bushwhackers in the hupfer hall.

"We could also use this hall as a meeting place for senior citizens, for meetings of the farmers' association, for meetings of the field jury, for the village community and things like that," he outlined, emphasized mayor stephan heckel-michel. "We now have the chance to do something because we are getting a high proportion of demand from the northern bavaria demand offensive. If we don't take advantage of this opportunity, we will certainly not get another chance like this, heckel-michel made clear.

"There are so many possibilities for what you can do with the site", christine pohlmann was also enthusiastic. Councillor willy kolb stressed that he was "not worried that the use could go wrong or that there could not be a use. "This is a unique opportunity. But the youth must also stand behind it", said kolb.

"When I see the plans, I can only say "wonderful, wonderful, super", declared wolfgang teufel. He particularly liked the idea of creating a village center. Teufel, however, also raised concerns about the maintenance costs that the creation of the hall would entail. "In any case we need a concept of use. The community can not do everything alone", also stated local councillor bernd muller.

"The hupfer estate is an eyesore in the middle of town. The apartments have been empty for a long time. Making the site fit for the times was a good thing. That is what kodnitz needs", finds sandra bassing.

"It's not a question of whether we want a rebuild or not. Coordination is important", said sabine beschnitt-knarr.

Former mayor hans nutzel pointed out that the organization of the use of the hall could not be left to the municipality alone.

Gunther wild asked to check again whether it would also be possible to use the apartments as rentable apartments. The conversion would be financially impossible to shoulder, explained mayor stephan heckel-michel. This possibility was also already being considered. The demand rate for such a use was only 30 percent. "The government of upper franconia has also confirmed to us that such a project would not be feasible", so heckel-michel.

-councillor reinhard kortschak concluded the discussion with the following words: "if someone is against the reconstruction, i don't understand the world anymore."

Mayor Stephan Heckel-Michel sat down at all the tables in the sports hall after the official speeches and talked to the people of kodnitz to find out what the mood was like. At the next meeting of the municipal council, the further progress of the conversion plans will be discussed.

In december, further talks with the office for rural development and with all associations are scheduled. On this occasion, responsibilities and organizational matters should also be discussed, the mayor of kodnitz emphasized.

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