Hilarious and thought-provoking stories

Hilarious and thought-provoking stories

Kronach- it was the last day of last year when achim durynek read two remarkable short stories from his own pen at the new year’s eve gala in the christuskirche: "kronacher krippenkinder" and "fuck you. The hobby author received numerous positive feedbacks; many of the people present also sought to speak with him. This gave him additional encouragement to publish his first volume of texts and pictures – 260 pages long: a wish that had been dormant in him for around 40 years.

"It was simply time and I am very glad that I dared to take this step", says achim durynek, born in 1963 in munster, westphalia, who now lives in kronach. He recalls with pleasure his first reading almost a year ago in front of an audience of about 160 people in the christuskirche in kronach. For his "nursery children he was inspired by the theft of the baby jesus at the christmas market in kronach in 2017; however, he continued the story into the year 2024.

In "fuck you it is about a refugee boy who attends the church service on the second christmas holiday in kronach. There, however, his – unsuspectingly – cheaply purchased clothing with vulgar writings and skull and crossbones caused uproar among the worshipers. When he then takes off his clothes, they recognize the abuse on his body.

Negative reverses

Both stories have one thing in common: negative turns to positive, causes something good – a reversal that can be found again and again in his imaginative and mysterious, cheerful and thoughtful episodes from the present, the past and the future.

In addition to nice stories about everyday life that make you smile, socially critical topics in particular take up a lot of space. Texts with which achim durynek – especially in his very personal poems – turns his innermost thoughts inside out and which, as he admits, also make him "vulnerable give me the book – and i’ll know what you’re thinking!"

In his stories, in which he often moves from one extreme to another, he positions himself clearly in his thinking, but at the same time leaves the reader plenty of room to make up his own mind, encourages reflection – achim durynek’s declared goal. It is also worth noting that the titles of his payments are sometimes misleading and the reader may therefore have different expectations of the stories. Only when he gets involved with the text, he realizes that the content might be different from what he originally suspected. His philosophy: "let yourselves be taken in by the new without prejudices, assumptions, media criticisms or the usual and only decide after you have convinced yourself of the essence and content of the text!"

The hobby author and painter is very satisfied with his first book, illustrated with his own drawings. He says it’s a great feeling to hold his own work in his hands, to read his name on the distinctive orange cover of the hardcover book. "We are all given certain skills – gifts that should be used", he is convinced. His next book is already in the works and is scheduled for publication in october 2020.

"Under the orange tree has no ISBN number. The books can be purchased for 18 euros at the bookstore lesezeichen, at the weka, at the kronacher kunstverein and at caerobics fitness, in kulmbach at the bookstore friedrich and from achim durynek himself. His next public reading will be at the new year’s eve gala, where he will enrich the program with a few stories.

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