Hardly any weddings: “a whole industry has no income”

Hardly any weddings: 'a whole industry has no income'

They set up a meter-long wedding table in front of the city hall on marienplatz and placed their action under the motto "stand up for love!".

"The wedding industry has come to a standstill with the start of corona," said munich wedding planner doreen winking, who helped organize the protest action. "The relaxations that are coming are not enough for us"." All of the twelve weddings it was supposed to organize this year have been cancelled.

It is not a question of questioning corona decreases as a whole, said winking. "But an entire industry has practically no income – and that will continue until the end of the year". We need solutions and answers."

Not only wedding planners are affected, but also musicians or wedding venue operators, pastry chefs who bake wedding cakes, cosmeticians who do brides’ makeup, or wedding photographers, he said.

According to estimates, the industry in germany has lost up to one billion euros due to the corona pandemic, winking said. "Hundreds of wedding parties canceled – thousands likely."

According to winking, civil weddings are not the problem – but the weddings that result in a rough celebration. Of which there were hardly any at the moment.

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