Hairdressers continue to be busy

Hairdressers continue to be busy

Two weeks after the nationwide reopening of barbershops, people sometimes have to wait until their next haircut.

"The utilization of salons is still very high," said the chief executive of the central association of the german hairdressing trade, jorg muller, on monday. This shows how urgently the reopening was needed.

So-called facial services are allowed again. Beard wearers can be shaved in the salon again if the barber wears a visor and a strong filtering FFP-2 mask for this purpose. Under the same conditions, cosmetic treatments on eyebrows and eyelashes are allowed again.

Muller says customers accept new rules on barber visits, such as registration requirement. Because of the hygiene regulations to protect against infection with the coronavirus, however, the service sometimes takes longer. Due to the distance rules, there are fewer working hours available. In addition, the employees could no longer share the work on one customer. Only one hairdresser per customer is allowed.

Some stores work in shifts to be able to stay open late. Despite high capacity utilization, they still make less revenue than before the corona crisis. In addition, the companies have to spend money on disposable wraps, protective masks and disposable gloves. About 25 million masks are needed in the german hairdressing trade every month, as muller explains. Accordingly, some stores had also moderately increased the prices.

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