Google revises search algorithm

Google revises search algorithm

The new algorithm can better analyze the connection between individual words in a search query. He could thus classify a sentence instead of searching for keywords alone.

The new search algorithm has already been in use for more than a month. The formula determines which websites are displayed in which order in a google search. "It’s less about how a website performs overall — it’s about how well a page matches the query," google said, describing the update. The new coat of paint was announced by google to coincide with the company’s 15. Birthday of the company. The presentation took place in the garage where sergey brin and larry page laid the foundation stone for the company in 1998.

Comparisons should also become easier. Google uses its own "knowledge graph" database for this purpose. It stores facts, images and biographies. Google has been displaying facts from the "knowledge graph" next to the search results for more than a year now. They are set off in an extra box. For example, if you search for a well-known building such as the brandenburg gate in berlin, you will find key data on the year it was built, the style of construction and the address. Users no longer have to click on individual links, but get part of the results displayed directly on the google page.

Google is now expanding this function. In a blog entry, the company cited the query "compare butter with olivenol" as an example. As a result, the search engine provides information on the calorie and cholesterol content of foodstuffs.

The exact search algorithm is a closely guarded secret of google. It is known that the company takes into account the number of links between web pages via the so-called "page rank". Whoever is linked frequently ends up higher up in the list of search results. In recent years, google has introduced more and more factors to personalize search results. They are to be tailored specifically to the respective user.

Factors such as the approximate location of the user and their previous searches will be taken into account. With the help of google’s own network, google plus, information about social contacts and interests will also be included.

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