Formula 1 restart without podium ceremonies and drivers’ parade

formula 1 restart without podium ceremonies and drivers' parade

"One way would be to line up the cars on the track and the drivers stand in front of them," the brit said. The trophies could not be handed over after the races as before, he said, because the distance could not be maintained. But there are new ideas, which have now been tested for their TV suitability.

Before the start, the 20 pilots could not line up close to each other for the national anthem of the host country, as they have done in the past, said brawn. A parade of drivers, in which all the pilots are carted around the track together on the open top deck of a bus and interviewed along the way, is also not currently possible, he said. "So we’re going to interview each of them in front of the garage," said brawn.

He also ruled out the possibility of a starting lineup with hundreds of team members and guests swarming around as before. "The practice we’ve had in the past simply can’t exist," brawn said. There are, however, many ways to create a grand prix format that appeals to the public "without endangering health and safety".

The 65-year-old said he was sure that formula 1 would be interesting and exciting even when it restarts in july without spectators. "It’s just going to be different. That is the new standard," said brawn. It is uncertain how long it will remain like this. "But that will certainly be the new standard for the rest of the year," brawn said.

The formula 1 is set for 5. July starts her season with a race in spielberg, austria. So far, eight grand prix races in europe are fixed in the new calendar. Overall, the race series is planning 15 to 18 world championship races until mid-december.

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