Farewell to “aunt doris”

Farewell to

After one year in berlin and three years in kronach, doris werner came to the kindergarten in nordhalben. "At the beginning of my work I worked for half a year with the well-known sister sigrada", said doris werner. "When I was offered the leadership position a little later, I had to take additional exams at the technical academy for social pedagogy in regensburg.", doris werner remembers the beginning of her work in 1973. After that, the kindergarten in nordhalben was officially recognized for the first time.

Frugality was the top priority at that time. You hardly had any toys – and the equipment was also outdated. With the support of the parents, but also of the associations in nordhalben, the equipment could be gradually expanded and a valuable pedagogical environment could be created.

"We didn"t have a cleaning lady in the first few years, so with the help of my mother and the childcare worker andrea simon, this work was also done over a period of a decade.", said the outgoing director. "The work in the kindergarten was always very important to me and also took up a large part of my private life.

The 62-year-old saw the focus of her work in the communication of christian values, in early musical education and in the individual challenge of each child. Doris werner described the construction of the new kindergarten in 1990 as the high point of her work. This far-reaching decision has made it possible to expand and improve the services on offer. When doris werner leaves active service, she also leaves her home municipality. She has already set up an apartment on lake constance near her daughter and would like to spend her twilight years there.

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