Expansion of the b4 in coburg? Spd wants decision

The CSU faction wants to "objectify" the discussion. This is what it says in the motion on which the agenda item is based. That’s why the city council is to obtain some information from the state building office. It is about how traffic safety could be increased without a four-lane expansion and what that would cost. Problem: the four-lane expansion was paid for by the federal government. If this extension does not come, but the city would like to have, for example, a wide bicycle path between frankenbrucke and wassergasse, then it must finance it itself.

Petra schneider, chairwoman of the SPD city council faction, thinks nothing of this proposal. She has announced that she will introduce an amendment at the meeting: "the city council should decide: a four-lane expansion of the B4 in weichengereuth is rejected."

The decision as to whether and how the B4 is to be expanded lies with the federal government. From the lauterer hohe in the north to the frankenbrucke, the road is already four-lane ("city highway"), and from the southern city limits to untersiemau it is as well. Only the section in between still has two lanes. Several roads lead in from the west. The expansion plans include the construction of traffic lights. According to the critics, this is in contradiction to the four-lane expansion: it is supposed to increase the performance of the road, but at the same time the traffic was slowed down by the traffic lights.

The state construction office is responsible for the road extension; the project is included in the federal transport route plan. However, the state building authority had always emphasized that construction would only take place if the city also agreed. Petra schneider assumes that the majority of the city council is against it. The SPD-fraction is it anyway. Other parliamentary groups had also signaled that they did not want to pursue the expansion further. If petra schneider’s motion receives a majority, the city administration will not be given the task of obtaining further information, but rather the topic "expansion of the B4" from the city ends.

The coburg FDP also reacted to the CSU motion: city council candidate jens-uwe peter advised the CSU faction to write to federal transport minister andreas scheuer "to suggest a change in the planning". The CSU motion only drags out the issue instead of objectifying it. From the point of view of the FDP, a widening of the B4 with a turning lane to the ahorner berg and to the samuel-schmidt-strabe and the construction of a separate sidewalk and bicycle path would be sufficient to soften the road.

The city council meeting on thursday, 20., february, begins at 2 p.M. Location: meeting room in coburg town hall, markt 1, 2. Floor.

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