Elton john uber zoom: a lifesaver in 2020

Elton john uber zoom: a lifesaver in 2020

At a time of corona pandemic, elton john is happy to continue attending alcoholics anonymous meetings online.

"I’m a dry alcoholic and i attend meetings from home every sunday," the british pop star revealed in the first episode of the new podcast by british prince harry (36) and his wife, duchess meghan (39). The episode, titled "holiday special," was published on tuesday (local time).

He learned to appreciate the zoom video conferencing platform this year, said john. With a view to alcoholics anonymous, he said: "i can connect with my friends who i have known for over 30 years from the program."This has been a "lifesaver" for him this year.

At the end of july, the 73-year-old celebrated his 30-year drought. On instagram, he shared pictures of congratulatory cards, a cake and an alcoholics anonymous medal he received on the occasion of that day. "I am truly a blessed man," he wrote about it. "If i hadn’t finally taken the big step of asking for help 30 years ago, i would be dead today."

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