Election posters in Coburg: the battle for the best spots

Election posters in coburg: the battle for the best spots

Since friday many helpers of the different parties were on the way – always on the search for most effective places, in order to be able to attach posters.

Almost overnight, many lampposts on important streets were filled with posters and the likenesses of the candidates for the state and district elections on 14 and 15 june. October.

Different strategies

Traffic traffic circles, such as the one on the southern approach road, were also popular places to put up posters. But also on the lauter high with the access roads to the long-distance connections, posters were eagerly put up.

Different strategies can be observed. While the CSU and FDP, for example, focus on mass, the left concentrates on neuralgic points and places its posters on the subject of education in front of the ketschendorf school, for example, or on the subject of nursing care in front of the coburg clinical center.

The legal framework for election posters

Where posters are allowed to hang?

In principle almost everywhere in public space. However, the posters must not pose a danger to road traffic. Therefore, they were not allowed to be placed or hung too close to the edge of the road. In addition, they must hang sufficiently high (two and a half meters as a rule).

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