Eav makes a big splash in eyrichshof

Eav makes a big splash in eyrichshof

Political satire is so entertaining. 2500 visitors filled the sold-out courtyard of the rotenhan renaissance building. All the spectators went home enthusiastic after more than two and a half hours. Whether they were thinking about the messages they had just been presented with – as a joke and wrapped up in austrian schmah?

There was an impressive mirror held up: against nationalism, xenophobia, ignorance, nuclear power, macho behavior, church submission, striving for power, oppression – and all this wrapped up in a funeral service, as the EAV is being carried to the grave, as it is the (for now) last farewell tour of the whimsical alpine yodel, which since the beginning of the year for sold-out concerts in the entire german-speaking area provides.

Lots of grave robbers, body snatchers, necrophilists and retards in the mourning community. On that bright summer evening, eyrichshof castle did not resemble a central cemetery, but rather a crematorium, as one who slipped into the role of till eulenspiegel observed.

Klaus eberhartinger (69), a brilliant entertainer whose announcements become a work of art, acts as such. But the head of the band is guitarist klaus spitzer (66), who writes the songs and lyrics, draws all the graphics and caricatures. Undoubtedly a multi-talent and rebel to this day. He started his rock-comic at the end of the 1970s with gert steinbacker and gunter timischl (from S.T.S.).

"We are pleased with the lively participation, as the SAB is laid to rest here at schloss eyrichshof", began eberhartinger, who two years ago already performed in the same place with the scandalous watzmann-performance of wolfgang ambros. "But today we don’t want to give up and play all the hits from 40 years of EAV and address some of the deadly lessons of our time, like the one about the right turners", was the promise for the opening, because eberhartinger just came out of a coffin and started a rock-revue full of perfection (with a bit of playback as well).

"Entertainment with attitude" eberhartinger described the intention of the five-headed band, which shone with crystal-clear sound and perfection. A broadside of political, highly intelligent political satire and witticisms pelted the enthusiastic audience from the stage. "Austria has no government at the moment, so we have to do this."

Thus the anthem of the anti-nuclear movement: "burli with her pitch-black humor, which is why the song was banned by the bavarian radio station. "In bavaria there was no radio-activity against radio-activity." What didn’t stop the band from rewriting and expanding the song after the fukushima reactor catastrophe.

Corrupt local politicians came off badly, as did the powerful of this world: berlusconi with his bunga-bunga parties, or "donald, who was elected by entenhausen".

Eberhartinger confessed that he had already met with U.S. President george W. Bush could not make friends, but "he was a che guevara compared to trump". Trump spares no spotlight, no flashlight, and no twilight as owner of the only truth, of which he usually has several versions. This "horror clown on the red button with his hairstyle showing how the straw grows out of his shingle. And now the british have cloned him too." People’s eyes were filled with tears of joy, although it was enough to make them cry.

From the bacillus nationalis…

No different with the side blows to right-wing radicals, as the bacillus nationalis was rampant in many european countries, the nazi-bazi crawled out of their holes and secreted brown effluvia. "In german: sie reden scheibe." Spreading slogans like "the flood of asylum seekers is not good for our country" or "since this morning we are swimming back again"."

"Yet we live in a europe where there has been no war for 70 years – at most a summer fire sale and we count ourselves lucky to have been born here in a land of plenty. Living far from genocide for 70 years. What this means? Ask the victims", said the EAV frontman. Whether he got everyone digging or thinking differently? The alcoholic pub sketch by klaus spitzer and klaus eberhartinger with the dull slogans at the table, according to which one is soooo tolerant, but the "negro and the muslim in the neighborhood are not necessarily wanted" must have sounded familiar to many ears. Tolerating does not mean accepting.

The clerical criticism also received much applause, but was allowed to fade away again during the church service on sunday. As with "S’muaterl", the thought-provoking elegy of a god-fearing woman who accepts her fate with reverence, does not quarrel with it and is even exempted for it. And eberhartinger goes one better: "what is more dangerous for children: the internet or a boarding school, a children’s seminar with porn under the gown??"

The art of the SAB lies in the fact that the lament songs provide fun and entertainment. Superlative amusement, spiced with banal jokes, which dominated the finale and even led to a trip by eberhartinger on the stage. Then the brash knew the marchenprinz and the hand of the beautiful woman as well as the jailer, it was stroked the bolide and the mafiosi, strolled over the copacabana and boosted with the sandlerkonig. How swarmed an eyrichshofer: "that was a great evening. The spirit of the eighties awakened with vigor." And, have we actually already mentioned it? The music was great, the show even more so. It was simply precious, no matter how much the entrance fee cost.

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