Don’t jeopardize Colorado health care amid COVID

By Mike Kopp | The Denver Gazette

The year 2020 has presented unprecedented challenges to Coloradans and the world. And, yet, there are still many things for which we should all give thanks. In just eight months, the number of lessons we have learned about the pandemic and our society is remarkable for both their sheer volume and their significance.

First, we walk among heroes. There is no shortage of stories detailing the long hours, compassion and bravery exhibited by the men and women on the front lines of this pandemic. Our nurses, doctors and first responders have poured their hearts into their work, provided the very best care for Coloradans across the state and aided the recovery of patients throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Second, the innovation of the health care industry is awe inspiring. Just yesterday, Moderna became the second company in as many weeks to announce an effective COVID-19 vaccine. The testing, curative treatments and other advances are happening right here in Colorado.

Finally, this Spring, Colorado hospitals demonstrated their commitment to being exceptional community partners. Hospitals across the state joined forces to build a culture of collaboration and shared best practices and treatment protocols to improve patient outcomes. They partnered with state government to provide vital data on the virus. They donated care to those in need and worked tirelessly to educate and advise Coloradans on how to stay safe.

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