Donations for accident victims

A seven-headed family from kronach is on the road in their car on the B 505 on saturday afternoon in bright sunshine. Suddenly an oncoming mercedes races into oncoming traffic, there is no chance to react. In the next second the life of the family has changed forever. 41-year-old father of five children died in the evening in the hospital, his wife and children from one to twelve years of age were seriously injured, even dangerously.

This tragedy befell a kurdish family from the city of kronach. It is more than the bereaved can bear. "In order to help the family financially in this difficult situation, the city of kronach has set up a donation account with a foundation it administers and is asking the public for support", the city of kronach announced on tuesday.

According to mayor wolfgang beiergroblein, all donations received by the willi otto foundation account will be made available to the family immediately as emergency aid. According to our newspaper, the deceased is said to have bought the car involved in the accident, a nissan with seven seats, only a few weeks ago. On the day of the accident the family was on the way to relatives.

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