Don Bosco school receives new demand class

Both the youth welfare office and the don bosco school in stappenbach have noticed a significant increase in the number of children with significant emotional and social needs in the preschool and early childhood classes. This cannot be adequately addressed in the bamberg region with the current school and after-school support systems. This was reported in the youngest meeting of the youth welfare committee in the district council. At the bartolomeo garelli school in bamberg, a demand center for emotional and social development, no first and second classes have been formed so far, so there is no special school offer for children of this age.

As a result, escalations often occur in everyday school life, which increasingly lead to unacceptable stress for the children concerned, their schoolmates and teachers. According to the status as of january 2020, 19 children in the preschool area and in the diagnosis and challenge classes of the don bosco school have an increased need for emotional-social development, in addition to ten children in kindergarten and elementary schools supported by mobile services. However, of these children, only 14 receive a youth welfare check, as these are carried out on a voluntary basis and are often not well accepted by the parents or guardians. This is the starting point for the first two grades of the "stutz- und forderklasse" (SFK), in which the school program and a youth welfare program can be directly combined.

This is how the SFK works

In the support and challenge class, school and youth welfare work together with the same target group under the school umbrella with a clear distribution of tasks. There is a common structural and methodical approach as well as a close networking of the pedagogical work with the aim of bringing together the help plans of the youth welfare and the demand plans of the school. The staffing is provided by the school board with one special education teacher (26 hours per week) and one special education teacher (approx. Ten hours per week) and a remedial teaching assistant (20 hours per week). Through the youth welfare organization, the district of bamberg, two additional social pedagogues had to be employed.

The room equipment, with one classroom and one group room each, will be carried out as part of the structural inspections and will be recognized by the state of bavaria as necessary for schooling and thus eligible for cost reimbursement if these classes are approved in the class formation. This was made possible in talks with the government of upper franconia.

The establishment of the SFK class is possible from the school year 2021/22 at the earliest. After in-depth discussion, the project was approved in principle by the youth welfare committee for a period of five years. The administration must now contact potential sponsors of the mabnahme and determine a concrete amount for the assumption of personnel costs for the two necessary positions for social pedagogues.

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