Dieter Eckstein makes the bomber salon-worthy

Dieter eckstein makes the bomber salon-worthy

New season, new format. In the last points round, it was the matchday interview with which we got our fan community in the mood for the fubball weekend. Now there is a small modification. We always take a look back and select our player of the week, who we then ask to talk to us. For the premiere we have decided on lukas lieb from FC fuchsstadt in the national league. The 24-year-old had scored the goal of the day as a substitute striker in the 1-0 win over TG hochberg – only to see the red card in stoppage time. Of course, we asked the 24-year-old, who has also played for FC hammelburg and FC schweinfurt 05, about this.

Ruckblende: dominik halbig must already make the goal against the TG hochberg. Then the ball comes to you. Goal and victory. Had time to think?

Lukas lieb: in my opinion domi has hit the ball really well. The fact that the opposing goalkeeper still makes his leg long and was able to block the tight shot was argerlich. All the more beautiful, of course, that I could then push the bounced ball with the inside over the rushing goalkeeper into the goal. I had no time to think about it. But that was probably a good thing, because otherwise it would have been too late to conclude the project.

And then the red card in injury time. The saale-zeitung has written, yellow had also done it. How do you judge with some distance the scene?

On the one hand, I agree, but on the other hand, something like this should not happen to me in this situation. It is one of those things when a team of referees is being observed. They are under extreme pressure to be watched. The famous fingertip feeling had probably not earned me a ban, but I can no longer blame the arbitrator for it, either. Fortunately, this year we have a larger squad and can compensate for something easier. Besides the many injured, the suspension is of course very unfortunate and upsets me immensely.

Have you had any further exchanges with your opponent ramon schmitt or even with the referee??

Yes, immediately after the sending-offs, we both couldn’t quite believe that we had been sent off for a "niggle" were expelled from the field. We were both of the opinion that two yellow cards would have done as well. The referee only saw my shove. The situation with the two elbow checks was only observed by the line judge. The statement of the referee was that he had nothing else left to do.

You are a policeman by profession. Came because after the expulsion of the colleagues spruche?

I had to go on duty after the game. "Rotsunder" there is the classic saying.

You have a hell of a shot. Good genes or good training?

Good question. I’ve been pushing every minute since I was very young in front of my parents’ house with my grandfather. This always found the most important element in fubball. So you probably need a little of both. Without training, however, at some point the development is over. Even with the best genes. But from which parental side I have inherited this, I can not answer.

Somehow your nickname fits: bomber. In reference to gerd muller, the bomber of the nation?

In fact, the nickname was given to me by a former professional soccer player from nurnberg, who once coached us in schweinfurt for a few training sessions. Dieter eckstein liked my shot so much. Whether anything about the way I played reminded him of the best goal scorer in germany, I’m afraid I can’t say. Maybe I will meet him sometime and can ask him in person. But I never thought that the name would last until today.

You are actually more known as a central defender, but after the injury of jogo feser you play in the striker? What is it like?

The biggest change for me is in the running area. This gene is unfortunately not so pronounced with me. Fubballerisch makes me actually no difficulties. I have already played in my youth in schweinfurt in the storm. At that time I formed with my new/old weggefahrten steffen schmidt a furrowed forward duo.

And must jogo now fear for his place in the center now?

I’m not worried about that at the moment. Everyone knows that jogo is an important part of our team and i hope for him that he recovers quickly from his injury.

You are a fan of eintracht frankfurt. How come?

My father converted me at some point. In my early youth I was still rather anchored in the southern bavarian region. That was because our youth coach from hammelburg, walter eilingsfeld, always took us kids with him to the stadium. Those were great trips. At some point, however, the atmosphere in the former waldstadion electrified me. I knew then that I only wanted to cheer for this club.

How does a native of hammelburg get accepted in fuchsstadt??

I had no problems with that. I have quickly made many friends. I feel very comfortable, which is why I will soon settle down in fuchsstadt with my lifelong companion. In the club and in the whole village everybody is crazy about fubball, that’s why it’s very easy for every new player to get in.

Now you even play with your brother fabian in the team.

That makes me the happiest. The fabian played the last few years at a consistently good level. That with the new team has him the step to fuchsstadt I think somewhat easier. From a soccer point of view, it was a change, but you can already see that it’s bearing fruit. He played a great game against hochberg and has the necessary ambition to be a real competitor for everyone. I hope that we will have a lot of fun with him in fuchsstadt.

In fuchsstadt you have to celebrate properly. Can you confirm this?

I can only recommend a trip to the coal mountain to every reader. If we then also still win, it can be in the sportheim also sometimes late. The best thing to do is just to come over and let the landesliga soccer paired with a cozy get-together come to an end. When the fuschter song is intoned, the whole village sings along. It is simply indescribable.

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