Cow “cat” represents upper franconia in munich


With stoic calm let milk cow "cat" the extensive wash overcomes itself and twitched with no muscle, when with the burst is helped. After all, it should already be, because on saturday begins the 125. Bavarian central agricultural festival (ZLF). The animal belongs to the dairy farm with breeding of bernhard walter from konigsfeld. "Cat" is one of three cows from the district of bamberg, which was shown at the show in munich from the 22nd of august. To 30. September will be issued. The prominent location for her appearance: the southern part of the theresienwiese, next to the oktoberfest.

On friday, the journey begins in a cattle truck to munich, with a stopover in bayreuth, where she meets her colleagues from the bamberg district and upper franconia. A total of six animals from upper franconia are taking part in the show. Like "cat" came to the honor? She was "discovered" by the cattle breeding association of upper franconia and selected for the pairing program. And proposed for the ZLF. Owner walter agreed. "The upper franconia cattle breeders' association sends someone to the festival to look after the "cat" kummert. My wife and I are alone on the farm and can't leave", says bernhard walter.

Preparations for the bavarian central agricultural festival have been underway for a long time: a week ago "cat extra shearing takes about two hours. Two days ago the udder was shaved and on the last day before departure the fur was cleaned up with shampoo, water and burste. Extra separated from the other cows she is not.

First time at a show

For the cow it is a premiere. She has never been to a show before and the breeder couple walter is also quite new at it. "As far as looks are concerned, we are beginners." In 2006 three of their dairy cows took part in a show in bayreuth and placed fourth twice and second once. A small showcase on the front wall of the barn bears witness to the process.

In bayreuth, margit and bernhard walter also discovered what the "professionals" who regularly take part in shows are capable of the basic equipment includes: oil for the udder and a spray that makes the animals' coats particularly shiny. Cattle farmer walter relies on shampoo and bursts. The couple is already proud of the participant. Already her grandmother "kati stood with them in the stable. The cow also owes its unusual name in part to it. All offspring have names with the letters k and t. "Kati followed "kathrin, "katlen" and finally "cat.

Cows, sheep and lamas

Nearly 800 animals – from dairy cows to sheep and lamas – will be on display in munich. The cow from konigsfeld will have to prove herself on monday in the ring under the gaze of the austrian juror. Criteria such as milking and breeding performance, gentleness and aesthetics are evaluated.

"The cats should fulfill the breeding goal", explains frank oertl, breeding director of the upper franconia cattle breeding association. In the run-up to the show, the participating animals still have to undergo a number of controls. Blood and milk are tested. In munich, the procedure is carried out once again, as well as three weeks after the festival. And the cattle breeding club takes no risks: the animals from upper franconia are insured. Because if something happens to the cows, it would be a great loss for all the farms.

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