Colorado’s health care system is in good condition

By Freda Miklin | The Villager

On Feb. 14, the economic development and health and wellness groups of the South Metro Denver Chamber presented an important program on the economics of health care in Colorado. In addition to representatives of two of the state’s large hospital systems, the program included Simon Lomax, policy adviser to the Partnership for Affordability and Transparency in Healthcare (PATH). Lomax is also a former congressional fellow of the American Political Science Association and Bloomberg News reporter.

Lomax reported that 93 percent of Coloradans have health care coverage, slightly higher than the country overall, according to the United States Census Bureau. Most believe that the large percentage of Americans with coverage is attributable to the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010. It has not come without a cost. Nationally, over the past ten years, health insurance premiums have increased 54 percent while deductibles have gone up 162 percent.

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