Colorado ranked as the 2nd healthiest state in new report

A recent study conducted by assesses health care in all 50 states, and ranks the states accordingly. The study looks at states where finding and paying for healthcare is most difficult, both as a result of high costs of care and limited accessibility.

The report uses the following metrics to rank each state:

  • Health-insurance coverage – based on the percentage of each state’s population covered by health insurance
  • Longevity – based on state death rates adjusted for age differences in state populations
  • Child-vaccination coverage – based on the percentage of children in each state who have received comprehensive vaccinations
  • Infant survival – based on the childbirth mortality rates in each state
  • Nursing-home capacity – based on the percentage of nursing-home capacity currently available
  • Hospital capacity – based on the percentage of hospital beds available
  • Patient-care doctors – based on the number of patient-care doctors per capita

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