the church community of wildenheid-meilschnitz celebrated a lively festival

Assuming the church community of wildenheid-meilschnitz received one million euros, which had to be invested in children’s and youth work. What would the prospective members of the church board want to spend it on: a bobby car race track in the peace church or ipads for the confirmation students?? These and other tricky – though not entirely serious – questions had to be faced by the future church board members at the community festival of the wildenheid-meilschnitz church congregation in a mock church board meeting.

But it was not only the prospective members of the church board who were introduced to the congregation at the community festival. Lisa meyer zu horste, wildenheid’s new pastor, will continue to live in neustadt with her husband – the parsonage in wildenheid was therefore empty until thursday. Now two pastors, rolf lakemann and his wife, have moved into the parsonage, and visitors to the community festival had the opportunity to meet them both. "I am the school commissioner for sudthuringen and therefore not bound to any parish house," she added, said rolf lakemann. That’s why he was allowed to choose his own apartment and had been looking for a place to live with his family. "We never thought we would end up in bavaria – or especially in franconia", he explained. Rolf lakemann and his wife have a special connection to franconia: "we both met in franconia."

The climate is an urgent concern for the coburg schoolchildren – and that’s why there will also be a rally during the vacations, according to a press release from the coburg fridays for future orga team this time not on a friday, but on saturday, 27. April. There are several reasons for this: although the protests at school time naturally had a function and guaranteed that they could not be ignored, they had decided to demonstrate to the critics next saturday that it is about more than striking school: to counter the climate crisis is a matter of the heart for them, for which they are also active in their vacations, it says in the message and further: "furthermore, the date on saturday should also offer all those who are prevented on friday, the opportunity to participate in the demonstrations."

Schools start the protest for climate protection at 3 p.M. At the main train station and then, supported by the drum roll of a samba band, move to the market square, where, as always, an open microphone awaits speeches. Recently, fridays-for-future also published concrete climate protection goals that the organizers plan to announce in coburg.

Nevertheless, a group of interested people armed with umbrellas turned up to join the tour of the district.

Local representative ralf verholen, supported by several other kleinwenkheimers, took over the leadership. Although the village did not present itself from its best side in the cloudy weather, the strangers were surprised what there is to discover, once you turn off the main street into the old alleys. One marveled at the huge draw wells, regretted the vacancy of many a stately half-timbered house, and admired the picture canes and elaborately designed courtyard gates. These are found in such large numbers in kleinwenkheim because high-quality red sandstone was quarried here and there were a number of stonemasons and sculptors.

Plenty of

One-third of elementary school students leave school without knowing how to swim safely. However, this does not apply to the lucas cranach school, where there are hardly any unsafe swimmers in the fourth grade. This is largely thanks to the "safe swimmers" project, in which the school participates.
In this prevention campaign by the DLRG youth of bavaria with the AOK bavaria and the bavarian ministry of health, over three quarters of the third and fourth graders achieved the bronze youth swimming badge at the end of the pilot phase and thus became safe swimmers. This impressive figure had already been topped in kronach in the past. This year, a record number of seahorses, bronze and silver badges as well as – with exceptional talent kilian wegner – even a junior rescuer badge could be handed over to the participating 120 children at the closing event in the school gymnasium. The junior rescuer is the "first rough draft" at the DLRG, which can be acquired from the age of ten. Kilian is the reigning upper franconian champion in rescue swimming in his age group.

Strong as a team, too

Together with his swimming colleagues pauline wittmann, klara dunst, eva hauck, lina kufner, max hausmann, aaron muller and lovis ehrsam, he is also a member of the winning team of the lucas cranach school, which won the district swimming competition of the elementary schools.
Impressed by all the super achievements, kronach's mayor wolfgang beiergroblein also showed his appreciation in his function as deputy county councilor. Together with teachers, representatives of the AOK coburg and the married couple marliese and richard bar, he presented the badges. "Knowing how to swim is extremely important. It can save your own life, but also that of your friends", he appealed.
Monika fabiani from the DLRG youth bavaria was pleased to be able to take part in such a closing event for the first time in her new function as head of the youth secretariat. The project can only work if all those involved work well together. "Without local volunteers, 'safe swimmers' would not exist", explained the youth secretary. Bar passed on the praise to the children, who were very eager to participate.
The "safe swimmer" campaign could be extended to over 40 schools in bavaria this school year.

45 years in service for the vg teuschnitz

After almost 45 years of service, the head of the administrative office of the teuschnitz administrative district (VG), thomas weber, is retiring on 30 march at 18:00. Aprils retires. He received a certificate at the community meeting. The board of directors has played a major role in all the projects of VG, which has been in existence since 1978. VG chairwoman gabriele weber (CSU), who is retiring at the same time, was full of praise for the managing official.

After graduating from high school, he entered the 1. November 1975 as a candidate for the higher civil service in the city of teuschnitz. One of his many tasks was to keep the up to seven independently working authorities together. He ensured a uniform structure and compliance with the regulations. Implementation of the current law.

Smith & wesson profits from weapons boom

From november to january, smith& wesson sales of 136 million dollars (104 million euros) – an increase of 39 percent over the same period last year. Profits even tripled to almost 15 million dollars on balance. James debney, the company’s CEO, also expressed confidence in the future and raised his forecast for the fiscal year. Demand cuts "right across all product groups".

Founded in 1852, the company is best known for its revolvers, but also makes the famous semi-automatic rifles that are currently the subject of heated debate in the united states. President barack obama to enact tougher laws after december elementary school massacre in newtown. Many gun nuts now stock up on pistols and rifles because they fear restrictions.

Daniela lippert’s curriculum vitae shows a steep success curve: after qualifying from secondary school, she first completed an apprenticeship as a hairdresser. After that, the euerdorf native attended the master school in erfurt, where she received her master’s certificate at the age of just 18 and was also honored for it.
After that, the young woman started another apprenticeship, this time as a cosmetician in a hotel in bad kissingen. "I really wanted to become a cosmetician. That was my absolute dream job", says lippert. The fact that she is living this dream as a chamber winner and second national winner makes the 21-year-old particularly happy.
Currently, the euerdorf resident has become a swiss by choice. She signed up for a year to work in the beauty department of a four-star hotel in samnaun. There, the cosmetician is responsible for facials, manicures, pedicures, reflexology, ayurvedic treatments, hot stone massage and much more. Guests come from austria, germany, switzerland and several other countries. "With this profession I can make people happy. This is a particularly special aspect", explains the 21-year-old, who is clearly enthusiastic about her profession.
But daniela can also recall moments when a customer wasn’t quite so happy: "a man had his chest waxed," she says. He bravely sat on the chair at the beginning of the treatment until the first wax application was removed. He cried out loudly. He was obviously shocked that depilation can hurt so much. But he was brave and even loved to wax his back, and in the end you could hardly tell the screams from the laughter", the cosmetician remembers.
Male customers are still in the minority. But it is becoming more and more accepted. Not only massages, but also facials have been requested more often now, says lippert.
The language of the swiss is no problem for the woman from euerdorf: "there are no language barriers. I understand the swiss very well, probably also because our family has friends in switzerland." The distance to home is more problematic. "My mother was a bit sad when i took up the position in samnaun", explains lippert. "But there is skype, so that we have regular contact." Her boyfriend has already visited her more often at her new place of work. At the moment lippert is on vacation in the market community. "During this time I try to visit as many friends as possible. Besides, a year is quickly over."
Then lippert goes back to school to become a cosmetics specialist. How it continues after that? "I don’t know yet, but I would like to stay in the area", says the young woman. Apparently the euerdorf area can compete with the swiss mountains.

A week ago, the closure of the branch libraries in bamberg was in the air as a threat. Now this is off the table for the time being. And yet cornelia kempgen, chairwoman of the working group of bookshops in bamberg city and country, is appalled that such an idea was even seriously considered.

In a letter to the FT editorial team, the manager of the bookstore in stegaurach expresses her incomprehension that the city of bamberg, which lives largely from its excellent reputation as a cultural city and prides itself on being a university and school city, wants to save its budget by "drastically cutting back" on cultural spending.

The graduating class of the glockenberg school gained in maturity and character

"So today is the day when we ceremoniously dismiss you from the glockenberg school", class leader ann-kathrin luckner stated in the courtyard of the neustadt glockenberg school. 14 students were in the graduating class. Five of them successfully completed their schooling with a forderschulabschluss, six even managed to graduate from secondary school. Ann-kathrin luckner expressed her heartfelt thanks to the students entrusted to her for all the shared experiences at schoolhouse sleepovers, school band performances, joint excursions, and class trips. "For all the language, every laugh and the tears we shared and for the many things I also learned from you."

Three years ago, ann-kathrin luckner took over the class, and the start was not so easy. But they all had a clear goal. She was able to rely on her schoolmates. Often she was very proud. "I am so happy that we can and were allowed to celebrate with you today, as you more than deserve it."

According to district local historian gunter lipp, the place names in the region are as varied as the ornaments on an old christmas tree: they end in -dorf or in -wind, -hausen or -brunn. Villages at bache often need first names, because one could confuse them otherwise: ober-merzbach, marolds-weisach, unter-preppach. Kirch-lauter. Some place names are quite common and widespread: neuses, lichtenstein, breitbrunn, gereuth, gemund. Others, however, are so curious that television, radio or the newspapers report about them every few years: goggelgereuth or guckelhirn.

Some place names, on the other hand, are never mentioned, because they are self-evident: lind, where there are probably linden trees, hochstadten, which is known to lie high above the baunach, or durrnhof, where the fields probably don't yield much because everything is dry.