fired man shoots ex-colleague in front of empire state building

Nine people were also injured in the slash-and-burn attack in the heart of the city. The perpetrator and his 41-year-old ex-colleague had long been involved in a dispute about harassment at the workplace, reported CNN, citing police sources. The men allegedly filed a lawsuit against each other in the run-up to the robbery.

According to new york’s mayor michael bloomberg, tater jeffrey johnson dies. Police initially listed his age as 53, but later revised it to 58. According to the police, the man was fired from the import company a year ago after a dispute. As CNN reported, he was reportedly dressed in a suit and walking to his old workplace with a briefcase under his arm at about 9 a.M. (local time) friday morning. There was more ammunition for the gun in the bag.

Andreas rettig: linking tv distribution with 50 1 rule

"A bonus for the clubs that take the 50+1 rule into account would have to be considered," the 57-year-old said in an interview with "kicker. These clubs should be better off "because they consciously and out of socio-political conviction forego opportunities to generate capital, which is desired in terms of sports policy.".

The 50+1 rule, which only applies in germany, is intended to ensure that clubs retain control of their professional departments when they have spun them off into a corporation and do not lose the voting majority to an investor. In june, the german soccer league (DFL) won a total of 4.4 billion euros in the auction of media rights for the 2021 to 2025 seasons. Against the background of the economic consequences of the corona crisis, a different distribution of funds is currently being discussed.

A forest cemetery will soon be established near presseck?

There is obviously a demand. Just because the topic was on the agenda of monday evening’s meeting of the presseck municipal council, two inquiries about it were received in the town hall, according to frank wunner, the head of the business office.

25 burials in three months

According to constantin freiherr von reizenstein, 25 burials took place in the forest cemeteries in naila and issigau in the first three months of this year. They are models for the project in heinersreuth, which franz freiherr von rotenhan presented to the town council. Rotenhan’s forestry administration operates three sites in the chemnitz-zwickau-aue triangle; reizenstein’s forestry administration has operated two since december in naila and issigau.

Election posters in coburg: the battle for the best spots

Since friday many helpers of the different parties were on the way – always on the search for most effective places, in order to be able to attach posters.

Almost overnight, many lampposts on important streets were filled with posters and the likenesses of the candidates for the state and district elections on 14 and 15 june. October.