Kunftig four instead of one mesnerin in affalterthal

During the service in the parish church of affalterthal, the long-serving sacristan erna backof (80) was ceremoniously dismissed from her service. She is immediately followed by four women who want to perform this office in weekly rotation: liselotte gemahlich, gertrud vogel, inge bernhardt and carola vogel.

Erna backof was sacristan from 1996 to 2018. With reaching the 80. On the occasion of her tenth birthday, she decided to hand over the responsible office to younger hands, although she had carried it out very conscientiously and sacrificially, which was also attested to her by the pastor maul.

Art with spit and song

He gets spat on, sings, swims and drinks. Again and again. Long video sequences with repetitive elements have made the icelandic artist ragnar kjartansson famous beyond his small native country.

Now the stuttgart art museum is dedicating its most comprehensive exhibition to date to him. Under the seemingly provocative title "scheize – liebe – sehnsucht" (shit – love – longing), 26 exhibits, including six large-scale installations, are spread over three floors in the glass cube in the city center.

A seven-headed family from kronach is on the road in their car on the B 505 on saturday afternoon in bright sunshine. Suddenly an oncoming mercedes races into oncoming traffic, there is no chance to react. In the next second the life of the family has changed forever. 41-year-old father of five children died in the evening in the hospital, his wife and children from one to twelve years of age were seriously injured, even dangerously.

This tragedy befell a kurdish family from the city of kronach. It is more than the bereaved can bear. "In order to help the family financially in this difficult situation, the city of kronach has set up a donation account with a foundation it administers and is asking the public for support", the city of kronach announced on tuesday.

outdoor pools head for record attendance

The unusually hot summer has driven people to the pools in droves – many outdoor pools in germany are heading for a record number of visitors. That’s according to a nationwide poll conducted by the german press agency.

For example, the municipal free bathers in koln are only a small piece away from a new record high. Just under 740.000 swimmers have come so far, with 80.000 more exceeded the previous best year of 2013. "We have hopes of a new record year," said a spokesman for kolnbader. The two municipal free bathers in duisburg have already broken the best mark in 2018, with more than 90.000 visitors were there looking to cool off.

This is how people experienced the track closure between lichtenfels and bamberg

34 weeks, from 11. January to 3. September, the rail connection between lichtenfels and bamberg was cut off. Commuters and schoolchildren in particular got to see what this meant. Around 35700 bus journeys were needed to replace the trains that could not run due to the construction work on the new ICE line. Despite the fact that to this day there is only one lane of traffic on this route, the gross chaos did not materialize.

Since the line was reopened, boarding and disembarking has been made easier for rail travelers at four stations thanks to barrier-free platforms. Ebensfeld is among them. The village, now divided by a barrier, is the most affected in the county by the new line for the fast train to erfurt.

Hunting fever is on the rise. It affects more and more people. A small knife is enough for them as a weapon. So they simply cut the prey at the fub and put it in a basket. This currently fills unusually easily and quickly. The steigerwald and the surrounding area are a dorado for mushroom pickers these days.

The riedel/genske family from castell has been one of the latter for years. As soon as "mushroom weather the trio is drawn out into the forest, meadows and fields. Eight-year-old marius was out and about with his parents this weekend. Mama claudia's and papa bertram's eyes still light up when they think of the edible treasures they brought home. "It was just amazing", bertram riedel's mushroom hunting record: "we've had some nice finds in the past. But there was nothing like that!"

Karin ritter celebrated her 65th birthday. Birthday. On her honorary day, the popular mayor of reichenbach was delighted to receive many congratulators, beautiful musical performances as well as lots of warm words and original gifts.

As funny and humorous as the young-at-heart birthday boy was the happy birthday party organized by the community of reichenbach, which was more like a party than a reception. The "party-reception was not held in a public building, but at the jubilarian’s home – outdoors because the weather was so nice.

Bosch to sell packaging machinery business

Bosch technology group says goodbye to packaging machinery business and puts division up for sale.

A buyer is being sought for packaging technology gmbh, with its 6100 employees in 15 countries, who will take over and continue the business as a whole, bosch managing director stefan hartung, who is responsible for industrial technology, announced in stuttgart. He expects the process to take a good year. How much money the sale should or could bring in, he did not want to say.