offspring in lichtenfels: strong voices, proud parents

What could better express the hope and joy of a new year than a little girl who sees the light of day on the very first day of the year?.

But with the new year's babies, it's one thing to be sure. "Good things come to those who wait, thought the little princess, who was born on tuesday at 16 o'clock in the morning.05 o'clock as new year's baby came into the world in the lichtenfels hospital.
The little boy from erdenburg put his parents through the wringer. Although it was already clear in the morning hours that a new human being would be born, the birth dragged on and on in the afternoon.

Sophia liebschner scores points at season opener

The very demanding course with many fast changes of direction was in top condition and demanded everything from the riders.
In the junior class, the bar for lap times was set very high and did not make it easy for selina liebschner to qualify as a rookie. After a hard fight for the best qualifying time, the older of the two sisters placed 20th for the A-final.

Selina is still paying a lesson
So it was a matter of learning from the others and learning from them. In both runs she also finished in 20th place.
Things were no less tight in the beginners' class. Eleven-year-old sophia put in some clean laps in the qualifying round and placed her bike in position 15.

Google revises search algorithm

The new algorithm can better analyze the connection between individual words in a search query. He could thus classify a sentence instead of searching for keywords alone.

The new search algorithm has already been in use for more than a month. The formula determines which websites are displayed in which order in a google search. "It’s less about how a website performs overall — it’s about how well a page matches the query," google said, describing the update. The new coat of paint was announced by google to coincide with the company’s 15. Birthday of the company. The presentation took place in the garage where sergey brin and larry page laid the foundation stone for the company in 1998.

The weightlifter is the roughest

Torsten zehner can say exactly what he likes best about weightlifting: "i can measure my performance precisely there," says anton butz, says the 36-year-old. He has been an active lifter for 15 years at the kitzingen strength sports club (KSV) and was awarded the bronze badge of honor for this on friday. But that's not all, because tenner has won twice this year. He was also named sportsman of the year.

If you look at the achievements of the 36-year-old, you will see that he was right to receive this award: he won gold at the bavarian championships, came 4th in the world, and was the first to win the world championship. At the german championships, 4. At the european championships and 5. At the world championships.

Farewell to

After one year in berlin and three years in kronach, doris werner came to the kindergarten in nordhalben. "At the beginning of my work I worked for half a year with the well-known sister sigrada", said doris werner. "When I was offered the leadership position a little later, I had to take additional exams at the technical academy for social pedagogy in regensburg.", doris werner remembers the beginning of her work in 1973. After that, the kindergarten in nordhalben was officially recognized for the first time.

Frugality was the top priority at that time. You hardly had any toys – and the equipment was also outdated. With the support of the parents, but also of the associations in nordhalben, the equipment could be gradually expanded and a valuable pedagogical environment could be created.

When wind becomes electricity

"We didn't expect so many children to sign up" , nina werner from the municipal utility was amazed. As part of the vacation program, she had organized an "energy expedition camp" with external support from verena schmitt and meike eck organized and had to turn down a dozen children because there were only 30 experiment stations on the former "zaak gebaude" in the wurzburger strabe for grouting stood.
They, however, were professionally equipped with all the tools needed to turn children from six to 13 into true energy experts. Buttons with the first names of the children were created, and that was the "energy certificate".

Full of energy, the children looked for the different ways to generate electricity after a short introduction. With small games, it was shown how electricity flows, and the children quickly understood what color a plus pole has, how the cables have to be connected together, how the measuring devices work and how many volts ultimately come out of the socket.

ten-zentner war bomb defused in koln

A ten-cent bomb from the second world war has been defused on the banks of the rhine in coln. The two demolition experts from dusseldorf had already made the blindganger harmless after a good quarter of an hour on saturday, the city of koln reported.

The 1.60 meter long explosive device was discovered by a walker on good friday evening. He had seen the bomb and then called the police, who informed the city of koln, the public order office reported. Four employees of the office kept watch all night at the dangerous explosive device in koln-merkenich.

labor market in the city is female

The bavarian state office for statistics had recently taken a little break with its data collection statistik kommunal. Now, however, there is again an updated collection of information on population structure, economy, construction, municipal finances, animal husbandry and other topics. The fact that the spa town is still statistically a city of the old is not necessarily sensational news. But even a glance at the labor market yields remarkable insights. Because he is female in the spa town.
According to the statisticians, the general development on the labor market in the past few years was as positive in the large county seat as in the county or in the region as a whole. According to the data, the number of employees subject to social security contributions has risen steadily since 2011. 10203 employees at the place of work registered by the regional statistics office for 2011. So there were so many occupied positions in the city at that time.
After that, the value increased fairly steadily year after year. 2016, the year for which the youngest figures are available, was then 10 908. The highest share, almost 60 percent, is accounted for by public and private service providers. If you add business service providers, the percentage is even higher. The manufacturing industry, on the other hand, does not even account for a quarter of the total number of employees in the spa town. For the county, however, the focus has already shifted a bit. In the bader district, the share of the manufacturing industry as a whole is 30 percent. In the city of schweinfurt, this sector of the economy traditionally accounts for around 50 percent of the total.
The trade, transport and hospitality sectors are also more pronounced in the large district town of bad kissingen than in other towns of this size. Their importance on the job market has declined slightly, but they still offer about a quarter of the jobs in the city.

Jobs for the region

6910 of the 10,908 jobs subject to social security contributions in the spa town recorded in 2016 were held by women. The male employees at the place of work only had 3998 jobs. By way of comparison: in the entire district of bad kissingen, the proportions of male and female employees are roughly equal. In schweinfurt, which is still industrially dominated, the proportion of vehicles is 60 percent.
The statistics also clearly show that the city of bad kissingen also offers jobs for people from the surrounding area. The number of employees at the place of residence is given as 7503 for 2016. If all employees subject to social security contributions who live in the city were to work here as well, there would still be 3400 jobs left for foreigners. In contrast, the baderland district offers fewer jobs overall (33,337 in 2016) than it has employees subject to social insurance contributions (40,124). Statistics from the local authorities also provide deeper insights than the monthly figures from the schweinfurt employment agency with regard to unemployment in the city of bad kissingen. 600 unemployed in the city for 2016 are therefore to be booked. In 2010, according to the statisticians, there were still 715 people. 

Love Parade trial heads for discontinuation

Eight and a half years after the loveparade disaster, the duisburg regional court wants to discontinue the criminal proceedings against all ten defendants. The trial was thus ended without a verdict.

This is what became known on wednesday from the legal discussion to which the court had invited the defense, prosecutors and lawyers for the nebenklage.

The digestion tower is working again

The members of the upper schwabach wastewater association (AZV) have subsequently approved the repair of the digestion tower. The damage to the inlet of the tower was already detected in april and subsequently repaired for 35 000 euros.
The repair was ordered by igensdorf mayor wolfgang rast (IU) in his function as AZV chairman in an emergency decision. Rast justified his approach at the time with the fear that the entire plant could fail due to the defective feed system.
The costs of the project are to be financed from the pot for the construction of an emergency power supply for the time being. For this purpose 90 000 euros have been included in the budget.
Afterwards, the watermen took the mayors of grafenberg, weibenohe and eckental on a tour of the plant. They showed the local politicians the technical improvements that need to be made to the clarification plant, which was commissioned in 1983 and modernized in 2000.

Repairing the gas engine