Romney challenges obama with radical savings as vice president

Romney introduced business liberal congressman paul ryan as his "running mate" on saturday. The 42-year-old wants to reduce the high national debt through drastic budget cuts. Ryan plans deep cuts to social safety net to do so.

Romney’s choice of ryan turned the race for the woman’s house into a directional battle over the future role of government in the lives of americans, as well as over fiscal discipline, taxes and the welfare state.

15,000 copper nails hold the slate

"Renovating the roof of the town hall really wasn’t a luxury," said mayor peter kornell (G) at monday’s town council meeting. After a good six months of construction, the renovation of the town hall roof is now complete. During construction work, it became apparent that several beams were rotten and water was seeping through the roof in numerous places.

With the help of light pictures, architect roland schicker served the city council members the various construction phases, which began in may with the removal of the old slates. Because the slate contained asbestos, it had to be disposed of permanently. The roof beam was then uncovered. The carpenters replaced the damaged beams. Even before the roof could be re-roofed, a storm caused water damage to the building. According to kornell, strong gusts of wind had torn away the protective tarpaulins and allowed moisture to seep in. "We got off lightly," says the city leader. It had rained ten liters per square meter.

A rally saturday commemorated the 1963 rally at which baptist preacher martin luther king delivered his famous "I have a dream" speech.

At the same time, participants pointed out that despite much progress, discrimination against ethnic minorities still exists in the U.S. Today. "The struggle must go on," was the message of many speakers. Protests were also held against gun violence, poverty and unemployment. Numerous citizens’ rights initiatives had called for saturday’s demonstration.

Trial: schumacher first confident, then defensive

Stefan schumacher’s sovereignty is abruptly gone. The professional cyclist answered the questions of judge martin friedrich calmly and calmly.

But when prosecutor peter holzwarth leans forward in the regional court in stuttgart and slams the sentences down on the confessed doper, schumacher crosses his arms, barely noticeably shaking his head. Which doctor at his former team gerolsteiner told him about the epo drug CERA and gave it to him? Schumacher does not want to answer at the start of the fraud trial. Not again.

Merkel rejects criticism of conditions for tv duel

Chancellor angela merkel (CDU) has rejected criticism of her conditions for the TV duel with SPD chancellor candidate martin schulz.

It is "good style to talk about the modalities of how things can be done," merkel said at her traditional summer press conference in berlin. The discussion about the format is not in conflict with the freedom of the press from their point of view. The freedom to decide whether or not to accept an invitation to such a broadcast is "always just as important as the freedom of the press and independence".