Is there a third candidate for tettau?

Lydia muller and peter ebertsch are already known as mayoral candidates for tettau. But did the tettau team, which is playing on 3. November early elections, after hans kaufmann (SPD) resigned from office for health reasons, even the choice between three candidates?

In an anonymous letter to our editors, it says: "in addition to the well-known candidates lydia muller and peter ebertsch, a yet-to-be-founded (or already founded) electoral association is to represent the AKV(aktionsgemeinschaft kleintettauer vereine, anm. D. Editors)-propose chairman werner vetter from kehlbach. This electoral community is said to be quite strong. It is believed that vetter had a good chance."

He still struggles a little with his glasses, takes them off and puts them on again. At the ceremony to mark the 100th. On the occasion of the 50th birthday of the regent building, where he presented himself to the public for the first time, he had left it out for safety's sake. "There's still a lot floating around." But from the age of 40, oette may be consoling, most people help their view with glasses on the jumps.

It's easy to talk to frank oette. When it comes to bad kissingen, he really gets into the black, whether it's about the facilities or the buildings. "What is special about bad kissingen is that it derives its vitality from tradition. A city on the move."

study: retail trade must fight

The population is shrinking and aging, incomes are stagnating and markets are saturated in key consumer sectors, according to a study by the hamburg institute of international economics (HWWI) commissioned by HSH nordbank and presented in hamburg on thursday.

In addition, the concentration process in the retail trade is continuing and the increasing trade via the internet is costing further market share. "Many factors come together in retailing," said dorte nitt-driebelmann, the author of the study.

A city shows what it has

Every two years the two-day scheblitzer economy days take place. Holger dremel, second mayor, buried the representatives of the 50 participating craftsmen, companies and organizations in the TSV gymnasium at the weekend, also on behalf of his co-organizer bernhard ziegmann, benno lieb’s managing director.

First mayor roland kauper (CSU) gave a detailed presentation of the city of S. He mentioned, among other things, that scheblitz has 7175 inhabitants, a tax capacity of 804 euros per inhabitant, but this year, with 32 million, the highest budget so far. The unemployment rate is very low at 1.15 percent and 82 people. The trade tax revenue had increased from 2.5 million in 2016 to 4.4 million in 2017. "This increase is certainly also due to you and I thank you very much for that", said the mayor to the exhibitors.

formula 1 restart without podium ceremonies and drivers' parade

"One way would be to line up the cars on the track and the drivers stand in front of them," the brit said. The trophies could not be handed over after the races as before, he said, because the distance could not be maintained. But there are new ideas, which have now been tested for their TV suitability.

Before the start, the 20 pilots could not line up close to each other for the national anthem of the host country, as they have done in the past, said brawn. A parade of drivers, in which all the pilots are carted around the track together on the open top deck of a bus and interviewed along the way, is also not currently possible, he said. "So we’re going to interview each of them in front of the garage," said brawn.

Werner keller has been involved with the forest for years. "I'm trying to understand how it works and what we can learn from what's going on there.", says the private forest owner in an interview with this editorial team. At some point, he got into conversation with timo stahl (rannungen) about this topic, and a short time later they both signed up for a multi-day training course to become forest experience guides. After the theory came the practice: keller and stahl developed a concept for guided hikes in rannungen. The first two events in august were immediately fully booked.

Keller and stahl spent 20 days in the forest during their seminar at the diez nature school (sulzthal) and enjoyed this experience of nature. "The training was well designed and very interesting", says keller.