Sparkasse munich announces 28.000 savings contracts

The munchner sparkasse is the largest municipal financial institution in germany to date to offer a 28 percent stake in the company.000 premium savings contracts.

The fifth largest savings bank in germany justifies this with the costs due to the zero interest rate policy of the european central bank (ECB). In addition, munich’s savings bank bosses reserve the right to terminate old contracts as of 1 january 2009. October of new customers with credit balances of more than 100.000 euro on checking or cash account penalty interest. The purpose of this announcement: the savings bank wants to prevent its deposits from growing too much. This was first reported by munich newspapers.

The CSU faction wants to "objectify" the discussion. This is what it says in the motion on which the agenda item is based. That’s why the city council is to obtain some information from the state building office. It is about how traffic safety could be increased without a four-lane expansion and what that would cost. Problem: the four-lane expansion was paid for by the federal government. If this extension does not come, but the city would like to have, for example, a wide bicycle path between frankenbrucke and wassergasse, then it must finance it itself.

Petra schneider, chairwoman of the SPD city council faction, thinks nothing of this proposal. She has announced that she will introduce an amendment at the meeting: "the city council should decide: a four-lane expansion of the B4 in weichengereuth is rejected."

What a pity, thinks the young resident. Too bad there was no strike. That might have been more effective. He and his colleagues at the kitzinger land clinic had been entitled to strike on thursday – had the marburger bund not reached an agreement with the employers after all. The doctor wished to remain anonymous. On the one hand, because he speaks for many, not only for himself. On the other hand, to be able to express his opinion openly. He thinks that things are going very badly for hospital doctors.

Theory and practice

At the annual general meeting, german-born CEO thorsten heins and his colleagues faced criticism, but in the end the meeting went smoothly for them.

The shareholders elected all the proposed candidates to the highest corporate body, the board of directors – but not without giving them a think-ticket. The rejection rate was 23 percent for the chairman of the board barbara stymiest and 19 percent for the company co-founder and former head mike lazaridis. Heins was denied 15 percent of the vote.

Spd holds on to sunkel and hanft

What works like a well-oiled clockwork, the cooperators in schneckenlohe definitely didn't want to tamper with it. The SPD local association therefore confirmed the board at its annual general meeting for another two years and honored long-serving members. In the future, close cooperation with the local associations in kronach, mitwitz, kups and weibenbrunn is planned. "I could well imagine the name 'southern district' for this project group", according to the suggestion of ralf volkl, the deputy district chairman.

"Cross-fertilization, in any case, that was one of the advantages that could be gained from working together. "In the 90s there was this before", recalled chairman joachim sunkel. During oswald marr's time as mayor of kups, he said, they had joined forces with other local associations. "When he became county councilor, everything unfortunately fell asleep again." That should definitely be different with this new attempt, volkl affirmed.

Eurogroup wants to keep greece on savings course

"It is becoming more and more difficult politically to move forward with further measures," eurogroup head jeroen dijsselbloem said, referring to the severe social tensions in the country. "Greece must take further steps to strengthen its competitiveness."

The control troika of the EU commission, the international monetary fund (IMF) and the european central bank (ECB) announced over the weekend that they would not return to athens until january. EU commissioner for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, olli rehn, said in brussels on monday that the heads of mission of the three institutions should resume their work in athens as early as this wednesday. As much work as possible should be done in december. The complete troika will then work from january onwards. Their report should then be completed in january. "The work is not yet done," said dijsselbloem.

Hairdressers continue to be busy

Two weeks after the nationwide reopening of barbershops, people sometimes have to wait until their next haircut.

"The utilization of salons is still very high," said the chief executive of the central association of the german hairdressing trade, jorg muller, on monday. This shows how urgently the reopening was needed.

The former hupfer inn and the surrounding area could, if the people of kodnitz liked it, become the new village center. Mayor stephan heckel-michel presented first ideas and visualizations at the castle meeting. "I show now here times the XXL solution. There is no precise project planning yet", heckel-michel sent ahead.

In fact, the first planning ideas are as follows: the outdated tenement and the former inn, which is no longer in use, are to be demolished. Parking lots and a green area are to be built on this site. However, the hall should become the center of the investment. Since the hall is not equipped with sanitary facilities and function rooms, could possibly be added in the form of functional flat buildings to the existing hall function rooms, a small kitchen, storage, sanitary rooms.

Steinmeier praises unions as indispensable

German president frank-walter steinmeier has praised the unions as indispensable for freedom and cohesion in society.

"You are doing a service to democracy," said steinmeier on sunday evening at the opening of the verdi federal congress in leipzig. When it comes to the major political issues of the day – from digitization to climate change – the involvement of trade unions is crucial. Verdi is "thoroughly political" and takes sides for a country based on solidarity. "This claim is unchanged important today. Openness, freedom, solidarity – that’s what our democracy thrives on," said steinmeier.

Neureuther with home victory - schweinsteiger brings luck

"In front of the home crowd. That is something special. A brilliant event and a german, happy winner. Fits," enthused a proud neureuther after the success ahead of marcel hirscher (austria) and alexis pinturault (france). In the floodlights of munich, the day’s victory in the women’s race went to slovakia’s veronika velez zuzulova ahead of slovenia’s tina maze and michaela kirchgasser from austria.

After the first bursts in kitzbuhel and garmisch-partenkirchen in 2010, it was the third victory for neureuther in the world cup; in addition, he was able to enjoy the success of his first two victories in the world cup.O.-the duels, he can look forward to prize money of around 33,000 euros. "The world’s best skiers were at the start," said neureuther. "It’s different when you win a special slalom or a classic". But the nervous tension here is almost worse, so for me it’s a real world cup victory."