Bosch to sell packaging machinery business

Bosch to sell packaging machinery business

Bosch technology group says goodbye to packaging machinery business and puts division up for sale.

A buyer is being sought for packaging technology gmbh, with its 6100 employees in 15 countries, who will take over and continue the business as a whole, bosch managing director stefan hartung, who is responsible for industrial technology, announced in stuttgart. He expects the process to take a good year. How much money the sale should or could bring in, he did not want to say.

Bosch packaging technology gmbh manufactures packaging machines for the food and pharmaceutical sectors. In 2017, it generated sales of around 1.3 billion euros, about the same as the year before, according to hartung. Around half of the employees work in germany, most of them at the headquarters in crailsheim. The company also includes a division that manufactures special machines that bosch itself needs. He should stay in the group and not be sold with it.

Even if not everything has gone smoothly in the past, it is not a question of getting rid of a problematic area, said hartung. The packaging subsidiary is certainly valuable, but no longer fits into the group, which is itself currently undergoing extensive reorganization. "We have internally reviewed all strategic options"."The packaging technology sector is characterized by small and medium-sized companies, and packaging technology gmbh is structured accordingly. This means that within the bosch group, which is otherwise organized in a completely different way, there are hardly any advantages to be gained from working together.

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