Bmw sets sales record

Bmw sets sales record

"We expect sales to continue to develop positively in the coming months. We are thus fully on track to achieve a new best mark in deliveries for the full year."Growth was driven by the smaller models – the BMW 1 series, the X1, the new 3 series sedan and the mini countryman. Since the beginning of the year, the top seller in the luxury class segment has sold almost 1.16 million cars, almost eight percent more than in the same period last year.

In europe, BMW got back on track in august, with sales up five percent. This means that the group has been able to keep sales stable at 547,400 vehicles since the beginning of the year – bucking the industry trend. BMW now expects a boost from the new 3-series station wagon, which will be launched in europe in the next few days. In germany, sales slumped by 22.7 percent in august. Here, the 3 series station wagon is the group’s most important model.

In the USA, BMW increased its sales by 7.6 percent to 208,300 cars in the first eight months of the year. But in august there was a minus of 5.7 percent. Buyers were waiting for the upcoming market launch of the all-wheel-drive BMW 3-series and the X1, said a group spokeswoman.

Demand increased most in china. Sales growth accelerated to 37.5 percent in august. Since the beginning of the year, the munich-based company has sold 207,400 bmws and minis in the people’s republic, 30.5 percent more than in the previous year. BMW expects strong growth in this segment in the coming years as well. However, sales director robertson emphasized that BMW is "making sure that sales are balanced between europe, asia and america".

Competitor daimler increased its sales by 4.5 percent in august and has sold 911 300 mercedes-benz, smart, AMG and maybach since the beginning of the year – an increase of 5.1 percent. The distance to BMW thus increased. Audi to publish its sales figures on monday.

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